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Whether you live in a flat in the heart of Dublin or a cottage down the country, small homes dominate Irish real estate choices. Even among new builds, single houses have fallen in size by 25% compared to ten years ago.

As proven time and again by a waltz through the IKEA showroom, space is always what you make of it. You can do more than you think with small spaces. And under-bed storage makes it easy to keep your regularly used items close without giving up valuable floor real estate for storage.

Whether you subscribe to the teachings of the KonMari method or you tend to treat the area under your bed like a bin in disguise, these are some of the best under bed storage ideas.

1. Pick smart storage solutions

The number one reason your under bed storage space goes to pot is because you use the wrong storage solutions. You can do better than old shoe boxes or those colourful, collapsible crates. 

Instead, you want under bed storage boxes that work hard for you. Ideally, they should:

  1. Protect your items
  2. Fit under your bed
  3. Make it easy to find and remove your stuff

If you’re still using an old shoe box to store possessions you want regular access to, then you’ll want storage solutions that also double as organisers.

A few options include:

  • Covered plastic bins keep your seasonal items out of sight and away from dust.
  • Low-profile storage fits under even low bed
  • Use bins on wheels to make storage easily accessible.

Tip: Are you giving up valuable floor real estate for a shoe rack? Choose a dedicated shoe storage organiser instead to keep your pairs happy and pull them out easily from under the bed.

2. Shrink your stuff

Don’t worry — we don’t mean minimalism! Think literally.

You can save space by compressing your soft items with vacuum bags.

These bags are a game-changer. Even though Ireland’s seasons don’t always play by the rules, most of us do have a traditional seasonal wardrobe with those few weather-defying layering pieces packed in. When you have items you won’t use for six months, you’ll save space with vacuum storage. Vacuum bags are also perfect if you have any expensive, speciality items, like seasonal skiing and hiking kit.

Vacuum storage isn’t just a novelty item from American infomercials. The bags are very well suited to Irish households because they also protect your clothes from mildew, mould, and those big brown spiders that double as your annoying roommate. 

3. Raise your bed

Many of us won’t make the most of our under-bed storage simply because we can’t reach very far without shimmying under the frame and risking attack by dust bunnies.

Smarter storage solutions aim to make your bits and bobs more accessible. But you can take accessibility one step further by raising your bed.

Raising your bed grows the vertical space available to you. In other words, you can buy taller storage options, stack your boxes, and get what you need out from under the bed with less wiggling.

Bed risers are an American hack, but you can find them kicking about on the internet on Amazon and on specialty sites.

4. Go for a built-in storage solution

Are you moving flat or in need of a bit of new furniture? Make your under bed storage space super organised by choosing a frame catering to storage. You can find some great options at most furniture stores, including IKEA.

These frames are particularly helpful for those of us who don’t find organisation as a skill that comes naturally! Plus, they look sharper than shoving boxes and crates under your bed.

5. Focus on keeping only what you need

Is the space under your bed bursting? You might have bits down there that don’t belong under your bed.

Under bed storage works best for things you need every few weeks or months. It’s not a space for broken hurleys, old school shirts, or even huge piles of books. Instead, think seasonal gear, extra bed sheets, and maybe your tax files if you’re in a shared space.

So if you still can’t make your space work with good-looking bins and even an elevated bed, it’s time to dig things out and reprioritise!

Do you have a big haul of Christmas decorations, an extensive collection of sports gear, or a bunch of keepsakes that you want to keep around? Grab those boxes out from under your bed and store your stuff with Nesta. Find out how much space you can free up with a free, instant quote from our team. 

Under-bed storage: the FAQs

We’ve got the answers. 

What should you store in the space under your bed?

To go a step further and stay extra organised, choose the items you store under your bed carefully. Some of the best bits to store in this space include:

  • Out-of-season clothing
  • Extra linens and towels
  • Shoes
  • Luggage
  • Flat files
  • DVDs and CDs

How can I hide the storage area under my bed?

Under bed storage is practical, but it’s not always nice to look at. If you’d rather know your boxes aren’t there, you have a few options including bed skirts and canvas boxes. Decluttering and splurging on some covered boxes or colour-coordinated storage solutions can make a big difference!

If you’re very particular about your room’s aesthetic, built-in storage furniture is your best option!

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