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With the festive season now drawing to a close and 2021 well and truly underway, it’s time to pack away the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations. As this is often a laborious task (especially if you love the festive season and hate seeing your decorations being put away), the temptation might be to chuck all the decorations, lights, wreaths and other festive pieces into some large cardboard boxes and forget about them until next year. 

At Nesta, we’ve put together some tips on how to properly store your Christmas decorations. These tips will help make one of the least cheerful jobs of the year as easy and efficient as possible. What’s more, taking the time to store your decorations properly will ensure that your most precious and sentimental items will last for years to come!

Invest in plastic stackable containers with lids

Plastic stackable containers with lids are a great option for storing decorations. Not only do they help keep things organised, they also ensure that decorations don’t take up lots of space and that they are protected from changes in temperature (and from curious children!). If you can get clear plastic containers like these ones from Ikea on wheels it will make your search for specific baubles or sets of lights much easier next year. If you have time, why not go one step further and label the content of each box. 

Store baubles and other small decorations in plastic ziplock bags

If you want to keep all your ornaments in the same container, but sorted by colour, use clear plastic ziplock bags from your kitchen. Then next year, it’ll be super easy to access your stash.

Remember to wrap delicate baubles and decorations in bubble wrap or tissue paper. Then place them in bags to ensure that they don’t break or get tarnished from rubbing off other decorations. 

Wrap lights around cardboard

This is an amazing hack that will save you hours of heartache next year- we all know the frustration that goes with having to untangle three sets of lights before we start putting baubles and tinsel and other bits on the tree!

Wrap your sets of lights around separate pieces of cardboard and store them side by side in a plastic container. No more detangling or trying to figure out which set of lights are the coloured ones or the white ones. Write it on the pieces of cardboard the lights are wrapped in. You can also use this hack for storing tinsel and garlands. 

Store your tree properly so that it stays in good condition

Wrapping your artificial tree in cling film/shrink wrap will keep it clean and protected all year round, especially if you store your tree in the garage. When you’re ready to decorate it next year, just slice up the side of the wrap with scissors and fluff the branches into shape.

If you store your tree in your home or attic, wrapping your tree in dust sheets will stop your tree from getting flat or dirty.

Struggling to find room in your home for storing festive decorations? Consider a self-storage unit

If your Christmas decoration collection has grown significantly this year, a self-storage unit is a great option for storing seasonal items. Nesta offers secure self-storage options in convenient locations across Dublin. You can be sure your decorations are easy to access when you need them and will remain safe during the year. To learn more about our flexible rates and a wide variety of room sizes fill out a contact form and one of our team members will get in touch. Get a quote now!