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The winter holidays can be a magical time for kids, from the excitement of Santa Claus and the joy of spending time with family to the fun they have participating in holiday traditions. The weather outside may be frightful, but you can surely make your holiday delightful with a few (if not all) of these fun holiday activities the whole family could enjoy.  

Make homemade cards  

Getting crafty is a great way to spend quality time together – and you’ll end up with some beautiful (and unique) holiday cards for family members. 

Put together a scavenger hunt. 

If it’s cold and wet outside, consider planning an indoor scavenger hunt for your kids. Put together a list of fun items to find, such as an ugly Christmas jumper or something that begins with the letter W, and then let your kids do the hunting. 

Pro Tip: you can even place different clues around the house to make things more exciting! 

Bake holiday cookies and treats 

This activity is twofold – you spend time together in the kitchen and have delicious goodies to enjoy (or give as gifts).  

Consider making a donation. 

Grab your kids and make a day of sitting in the playroom sorting through all toys, books and games, putting aside the ones they no longer use – and are ready to be donated! There are families out there that struggle with the extra costs that come with Christmas, so take this time to treat your family, but to treat somebody else’s family, as well.  

Read holiday stories together. 

What could be cosier than snuggling up with your little ones and reading a few classic holiday tales?  

Build a gingerbread house  

This one is sure to be a hit with the kids (and with you too). But be warned, it can get pretty messy! Check out this tutorial to get started. 

Have a holiday movie marathon 

Curl up on the couch with some blankets and hot chocolate to enjoy some classic holiday films like “Miracle on 34th Street,” “Home Alone,” and “Elf.” 

Bring on the Christmas lights. 

From visiting Christmas light events to walking around your neighbourhood spotting the luminous holiday displays, you and your family can enjoy spending time together while viewing festive decor that will surely bring excitement.  

Pro Tip: consider adding some games to the mix by tallying up all the houses you see with white lights, and multicoloured lights or play ‘I Spy’ and spot the Christmas trees in the windows. 


There are many ways you can make things fun and still get things done this festive season. Get the whole family involved in a decluttering cleaning spree of your home to prepare for the new year. Don’t panic about the items you are not ready to let go of – you can store keepsakes and other memorabilia with Nesta Self Storage. 

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