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During a period of transition, whether it be a new arrival or a long holiday, self-storage is a reliable way to keep your cherished belongings safe and free up space in your home. At Nesta Storage, we make room for life. 

Follow our self-storage tips below for advice on how to tackle your storage like a pro!

Tips for choosing a unit

First and foremost, don’t start your search at the last minute. As self-storage becomes increasingly popular, space is limited and may be unavailable in your local location or for your preferred dates. Start your search in plenty of time with that in mind. Booking your unit in time can also ensure you can choose a reputable storage company rather than the first available.

 To find the right size unit for your needs, take inventory of the items you plan to store. A 25 sq ft unit would be perfect for decluttering your home, whereas a 75 sq ft is a similar size to a double bedroom and could hold the contents of an average 2 bed. Taking an inventory of what you plan to store can make sure you’re choosing a unit that is the right size to house all of your items. This can also be a great opportunity for a quick spring cleaning!   

Tips for packing a unit

Small cardboard boxes are your friend and you can buy these online or in our store. We have everything you need to pack and protect your belongings. If you’re packing your unit by yourself, lifting smaller boxes will ensure you won’t overextend yourself!  We can provide you with trolleys, pallet trucks, moving carts, and forklift hire. A moving van rental service is also available.


Another tip is to label your boxes clearly so you can find your items easily when you need them! 
Ready to reserve your room? Fill in a quote form, lock in your price and simply move in when you’re ready! Our units are affordable, flexible and easy to access with 7 locations across Dublin.