What size self storage unit is right for you?

storage units dublinWhen you decide that you need some self storage, you may wonder what size you should get. At Nesta, we offer a wide selection of units, each of which may be perfect for your needs. Our Self storage units in Dublin come in all shapes and sizes, which means that we are certain to have something to suit you. Our units start from as little as 9 SQFT and go up to a massive 300 SQFT. When you choose one of our units, we are confident that it will be the right choice for you.

The size that you choose depends on how many items you want to store. Before you hire a particular unit, you ought to consider what your personal needs are. We know that sometimes, you need to make room in your life. That’s where we can help you! Our helpful, friendly team will do everything they can to ensure that you get the right space for you. To help you along the way, we have compiled a quick guide. This information should give you an idea of which unit will suit your needs. In addition to these descriptions you can also head over to our video size guide to get an even better idea of what size unit you might need.

9 Square Foot

If you only need to store a few small possessions, you might want to check out our 9 square foot self storage units. These containers will fit around six medium sized suitcases. If you need to store some precious things, you should consider this unit. Tell our team how much stuff you have and will we help you make an informed decision.

25 Square Foot

Are you in the midst of decluttering your home? If you need to make some extra space in your house, you might want to check out our 25 square foot units. These areas are ideal if you just want to make a little extra room in your current premises. To give you a rough idea, we tend to say that this size is about the same as an average garden shed. If you want to store small furnishings, boxes and other items, this size will be ideal for your needs.

35 Square Foot

Our 35 square foot units are just a little larger than the 25 square foot ones. If you find that the former is just a bit too small for your things, you may want to consider this unit size. You can fit things like bikes and chairs in this unit. If you need to organise your home or get rid of unwanted items, this unit is the best way forward. Be sure to see the container before you make your decision.

50 Square Foot

When it comes to storage units, this is one of our most popular. The 50 square foot container is around the same size as a small box room or maybe even a transit van. When you’re revamping your abode, you may need to keep some things elsewhere. This multipurpose unit is the solution you need.

75 Square Foot

If you imagine an average double bedroom, you should get an accurate idea of this unit size. If you have lots of furniture you need to keep secure, you should check out this container. Here, you will have all the space you need. You can store things like armchairs, beds and even drawers in here.

100 Square Foot

When you’re about to move home, you may need somewhere safe where you can keep your furniture and items. Well, the 100 square foot unit is perfect for just that. This space should hold the contents of an average three-bedroom home. If you need to clear out your entire premises, you might find that this is the best unit for you.

150 Square Foot

Let’s say your home is a little larger than an average three-bedroom house. Well, in that case, you should try out 150 square foot units. If you have four or even five bedrooms, you should find that these containers are the right size for you. Here, you will have enough space to store the entire contents of your home. Simple.

300 Square Foot

Finally, the largest of our self storage units is the 300 square foot container. This unit is about the same size as a double garage. If you have many different items to store – from furniture to electronics – this unit could be the greatest solution. Alternately, we find that some customers use these units to keep stock in them. If you don’t have a massive stockroom, why not rent one of these units?

At Nesta, we will go above and beyond the call of duty. We will do everything we can to ensure that every customer is 110% satisfied with our services. If you are still unsure why not drop in and visit us, we can help you find the perfect size unit.