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Do you love to play sports or work out using seasonal equipment? Are you struggling for space at the moment due to the size of those items? Then you need to read this post and adopt some of the suggestions to ensure your family doesn’t have to squeeze between rooms this year. Of course, there are lots of ways of creating some extra space without having to sell your favourite possessions. In this post, we have collected some tips on how to get the best results on storing your items so they’re good to go when you need them.

Tips for storing equipment in the short term

If you only need to move your sports equipment out of the way temporarily, you can find places around the house to hide those items from view or even put them on display. Sports equipment can add style and character to a home if mounted on the wall, displayed on decorative shelving, or simply kept where it can be seen but not easily tripped over. For example, most running machines are going to fold down to a size where they can fit under your bed. Bicycles, skateboards, and scooters can be hung up on your wall, which will lend to a bohemian aesthetic in your home – just remember to wipe them down before bringing them indoors. For smaller items like baseball bats, you can create wall-display cases or similar. The possibilities are endless, and you only need to use your imagination – or inspirational image boards.

Tips for storing equipment in the long-term

Let’s presume it has come to the end of the sporting season, and you aren’t going to need to access your equipment for at least a few months. In that instance, you may want to invest in proper storage facilities. Before storing your equipment, pack it down in clean containers, deflate anything that could get punctured, and make sure to wipe down and disinfect all equipment so that it doesn’t grow mold or attract pests. Cover exposed equipment with a lid or sheet, and preferably keep it off the floor by lifting the boxes up onto a pallet.