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rake against shed

While you are storing items away for now, you will want to use them again someday. When the time comes to take your items out of storage, they need to be in good usable condition. This means that they must be stored in an environment that is well suited to long-term safekeeping. The choice you make about where to store your items depends on how long you are putting them away for. it is also important to consider how valuable the items are, and how vulnerable to the elements. If you have a shed or attic at home, it makes perfect sense to take advantage of the extra space. In some situations, however, you may want to consider self-storage instead.


Precious items such as jewellery, paintings, and paper documents, as well as delicate items such as clothing, shoes, and tools for your hobby, are better off in a climate controlled and airtight unit. All of these are vulnerable to heat changes, damp, and insects or rodents that are frequent visitors to attics and sheds. You can find a guide to storing jewellery, clothes and shoes, and paper documents, here on our blog. We also talk about how to keep sentimental items safe in long-term storage. 


A shed is ideal for storing outdoor items that are only needed seasonally. This can include sports equipment and garden tools and furniture. As long as these items are properly cleaned and packed up before being put away, they will do just fine in a garden shed without additional protection from the elements. It is a good idea to wrap these in plastic, and keep them elevated off the floor to avoid water damage.


garden shed window


Be aware that all items require special care before being put into storage. When you are freeing up room in your home, you want peace of mind that the items you are storing will be there when you need them. Otherwise you may as well throw them away and save the hassle.


Have a look through our blog for more tips on how to store, wrap, and organise your belongings.