The following post was provided by Clodagh Doyle from Placelift the one-stop property transformation specialists.

We can all recall making a splurge on big-ticket items perhaps a car or a holiday. Most of us do not buy on impulse; we spend hours online researching and comparing, drawn in by the allure of the new purchase, visualising our future selves owning the item of our desire. Buying a property is no different, so it makes sense that when selling you need to figure out how you’re going to market your house to potential buyers. You need to think of your home as a high-end product and find a way to package it so it is appealing to prospective buyers. Check our quick tips for preparing your home below or for more tips on how to sell your home fast download our free “Guide to Selling your Home”.

preparing your home to sell

First Impressions

The first impression most buyers will have of your home will be from the photographs in online property sites or the estate agents brochures. It’s therefore essential that your property looks its absolute best, and the photographs need to capture and provoke interest in your audience. But even the best photographer will not be able to disguise a poorly presented property especially if it is cluttered.

Make Room to Sell

Most of us are guilty of collecting too much of something whether it is gnomes, books, furniture, exercise equipment, tools or clothes. The longer we spend in a home the more we tend to accumulate over the years. It’s easy to become immune to the build-up when you see it every day but it will jump out at potential buyers and risk putting them off.

But all is not lost, by taking a few simple steps and viewing your property through the eyes of the buyer, will help prepare your home for sale. Helping the buyer picture themselves living in your home; will sell your property faster but they can’t do this if it’s overflowing with your belongings.

Staging Your Property

When you have called a property a home for many years it is hard to be objective, it can be helpful to have someone experienced who can help you present your home in a way that can appeal to a large market of potential buyers. You can seek the advice from a friend, estate agent or hire a professional stager who will use simple techniques that will make the most of your property so that it appeals to the greatest number of buyers. They will help buyers to easily visualise how they can use the space to suit their needs and work to ensure they are given no reason to find fault with your property.

Clear the clutter

Buyers like to snoop they will open all wardrobes and presses so don’t have them overflowing. You want to create the illusion of ample space so make sure they are neat, tidy and half empty.

When decluttering it helps to make three piles – Keep | Donate | Dump

Items you want to keep can be stored with friends or family if they have space or you can use a local self-storage company like Nesta Storage. Local charity shops will be happy to take unwanted items and you will be helping a good cause at the same time.  When deciding to dump you can hire a skip or a local rubbish removals firm (it’s important you choose a licenced provider).

Top to bottom shakedown  

Less is more when presenting your property for sale; with less clutter, your property looks bigger and will be far more appealing to potential buyers.

  • Bedrooms – remove extra furniture, this will make the space look bigger
  • Wardrobes – remove half the clothes and keep shelves and floor space clear
  • Bathrooms – clear out cabinets and only store what is really needed.
  • Hallway – Keep this space clear and open as possible, keep coats and shoes out of sight
  • Furniture – reduce the amount of furniture so there is an open flow in each room
  • Photos – take down personal photos so buyers can visualise themselves living in the house
  • Bookshelves – tidy the shelves, box up the overflow of books giving a sense of space.
  • Kitchen worktops – Have only the essentials like kettle and microwave on display.
  • Kitchen Cabinets – don’t have them overflowing, have everything stored neatly and organised
  • Children’s toys – give each child a storage box that they can fill with the essential toys. Everything else can be stored out of sight it also makes for easy clean-up for viewings.
  • Garage – have it clean and organised. People will be viewing its potential as much as the house.

Happy Selling

You only get one chance to make a great first impression so put in the work now and declutter your home and you will be guaranteed to sell your home quickly and achieve your asking price.


Don’t forget to Download Your Free “Guide to Selling your Home” for more great tips for selling your home fast.