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Pruning and planting

If you have trees or perennials in your garden, it’s wise to keep a close eye on them as the fall approaches. Although these plants are hardy, and they can withstand changes in the weather, it helps to be able to spot potential signs of problems. Keep an eye out for discoloured leaves or growths on tree branches or flowers, and trim away diseased and damaged leaves, stems and twigs using garden shears. Some plants will need pruning as soon as it starts to become a little cooler, while others may last longer. If you plan to plant this fall, prep your soil first. Harvest any fruit or vegetables that have matured and ripened before you till the soil, and ready it for new additions to the plot. Once your patch is clear, use a trowel or a rake to fold the soil over and aerate it. You can then add fertiliser or compost to help your plants grow during the autumn and winter months.

If you are planting in the run-up to fall and winter, it’s a good idea to protect your beds using a layer of straw or a tarpaulin sheet. It’s also wise to take more sensitive plants, such as herbs, inside if frost is forecast. Examples of vegetables that grow well in colder climes include onions, broad beans and peas.

Preserving garden tools and furniture

When it’s sunny, warm, and dry, you can be forgiven for leaving garden tools outside and exposing tables and chairs to the elements. Sadly, as the seasons change, the risk of showers, heavy downpours, ice, frost and snow increases. To preserve your tools and prevent rusting, keep them in a safe, dry place. Relocate your toolkit and items like spades and rakes to the garage or basement, and make sure you put them away after using them if you do need to carry out some essential fall maintenance. As the weather changes, it’s also a good idea to store outdoor furniture inside. If you haven’t got the space to do this, invest in hard-wearing protective covers or consider hiring a storage unit.

Protecting decking, sheds and fencing

The weather can be unpredictable, and at times, very harsh. To protect wooden decking, fencing and structures like sheds, apply a coat of varnish before the cold weather arrives.

Summer is in full swing, but time flies, and the fall will soon be upon us. If you’re keen to look after your garden, now is the time to start preparing for the new season. Harvest vegetables, prepare your soil for planting and think about protecting your garden from the frost. Move outdoor furniture and tools inside or buy protective covers if you don’t have room, and give wooden furniture and fencing a coat of varnish.