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The area in which we work needs to be organised in order to harbour productivity. Far too many desks are covered in loose papers and clutter that weighs us down. If you want to make the most of your working day, you need to perfect your office space.

Lack of organisation plays on your mind causes stress and makes goals seem unattainable.  Think about a time you’ve felt overwhelmed, was it in a chaotic environment or tranquil setting in which you could focus? Clear your office and you’ll get more done, simple!

We want to offer some really easy, but effective ways to make the most of your workspace. Create an atmosphere where you and your employees feel comfortable to work and productivity will hit new heights. LifeHack provides some great insights on the matter, but here’s our favourite 5.

Perfect Your Office Space: 5 Tips

Purge Your Office

This is step one to any organising process. You literally need to turn your workspace on its head and get rid of anything that doesn’t have a specific function or place.

Any dust collectors or clutter traps are the first things that need to go. We understand the propensity to break the white walls of an office with a painting or potted plant, but anything more is just in the way.

The more we have surrounding us, the more suffocated we’re likely to feel. Keep areas clear and design simple. Storage solutions and online selling are easy options to make the most of what you need to get rid of.

Revise Your Filing System

You should’ve already gotten rid of most of the mess during your purge. However, filing systems require special attention as they’re one of the biggest clutter traps you’ll come across.

Going paperless is now a legitimate alternative to endless reams of paper. Computer storage and electronic statements can quickly minimise the level of hardcopies you need to manage. It’s also easier to access quickly and reduces space taken up in workspaces.

For anything you need to keep on paper, develop a stringent storing policy. Label and document everything, keep files at one copy and catalogue in a sensible manner. There’s nothing worse than wasting time searching frantically for a random bill or receipt you need.

And unless you need to access it regularly, source some long-term storage options. Whether an attic or rented space, don’t clog up your office with files you only need once or twice a year.

Routine Desk/Drawer Checks

Regular audits of your direct workspace is the best way remain clutter-free. There’s no point in doing a big clear out, if in a month’s time you’ve reverted back to your old ways.

Once a week/month, make sure your desk and drawers haven’t succumbed to mess. They’re where you spend most of your time so it’s most likely that’s where clutter will arise.

Avoid leaving files or anything temporary on your desktop. When you’re finished with what you use, put it back!

Folders for Different Tasks

Looking back to the last tip, this trick will help keep your desk and drawers clear. Different folders can identify how tasks are progressing depending on their status. Leaving them in a common area as well allows everyone to access what they need quickly and easily.

Folders reduce the risk of stacked papers – the most common element of a messy office. Segregate files based on how they’re being used. For instance, a “waiting on response” folder will remind us to follow up with clients.

This both helpfully organises potentially messy documents, but also simplifies workflows and tasks at hand. Folders will keep your desk clear, so you can focus on working without facing clutter.

Assign discard dates

As you revise your filing system, this specific trick can help manage messes in the long run. So much clutter is often comprised of stuff we don’t actually need anymore. Throwing a file to the side risks it gathering dust for months, while out of place. As you manage work folders and hard copies, get into a habit of assigning discard dates.

You know yourself that files can stack up quickly. Don’t keep every piece of paper indefinitely, mark on documents for when they can be tossed or shredded. Apart from legal or financial documents that must be kept for specified lengths of time, minimise the lifespan of everything else.

And remember, recycle!

What Works for You?

What lengths have you gone to in order to perfect your office space? There’s no doubt that a working environment effects the level of productivity we have each day. For this reason, it’s imperative that our desks and filing systems are organised to maximise what we need to get through.

Good lighting, fresh air and open space will have the same impression on productivity, but you sometimes can’t control that. Clutter and layout, however, are elements that you’re always able to manage. Ensure you’re not creating chaos with mess and your working day will be enhanced.

If you have any office space nightmares or tips we haven’t mentioned let us know. And if you want to take on a space that you can be productive in, check out some of our fantastic options available for rent now.