One of the things that can cause some stress when you are moving house is having to pack everything up. Everyone who has moved house is familiar with the problem of losing or breaking items during a move. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to plan for the move while making sure that everything stays safe. The best way is to package everything the right way, so that your items are delivered to your new home without a hitch.

Bubble Wrap

For anything that is precious, fragile or can break, you should wrap it all in bubble wrap. Lay the bubble wrap flat on a surface, and make sure the bubbles are facing upwards (do not make the common mistake of wrapping an item with the bubble facing outwards). Wrap the bubble wrap multiple times around your item. Each item should be wrapped separately, and placed in a box that is clearly marked as fragile. In order to absorb shock, it is a great idea to place bubble wrap, or some sort of spongy material at the bottom of the box before you place your wrapped items in. After everything is packed in tightly enough that it can’t move about in the box, put an extra layer over the top just for security. This may seem a little excessive, but it will keep all of your fragile stuff safe in transit.

Different Sized Boxes

packing boxes

You are going to have things that are a variety of sizes that will need moving. You need to make sure that you have a lot of boxes in a range of sizes so that everything can be packaged and put away. There are going to be items from lamps to small trinkets, and they all need to be able to fit into a box so that they are easy to transport. You are going to need a box to put the parts of your disassembled beds in to make sure that nothing gets damaged. Do not put all beds in one box as you will never know what goes on whose bed. You need to put each disassembled bed in its own box and make sure that it is clearly marked.

Clothes In Suitcases

open pink suitcase

Suitcases are great for rolling up delicate items into clothes and other fabric. Since the outer walls of suitcases are sturdier than boxes, and you can roll them along the ground, they are a better fit for delicate items. Rolling up your clothes and towels, rather than folding them, is a great way of saving space and transporting them wrinkle-free to their new location.

Mark Each Box

You don’t want to be losing anything valuable when you move. Make sure that you are marking each box when you have packed it, writing down the contents of the box and what room in the house it belongs in. You don’t want to be wasting any time looking around for needed items after your move, so best get the labelling done from the get-go.

We hope this advice is helpful when you are packing up your house, and that your move goes smoothly.