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Visualising what exactly a unit of space is can be tough. You don’t want to purchase more space than you need, but overpacking a small unit can be dangerous and even damage your items. Fortunately, you can forget the guess work and make the right decision for your needs. Check out our size guide or virtual tour below of the various unit sizes we have available now:

Nesta Storage: Unit Sizes

At Nesta, we’re proud to cater for all storage needs – no matter how big or small. Let us help you make room for life with our diverse range of unit sizes including:

9 Square Foot

Our smallest spaces available are for those who need to only put a few boxes away. Maybe the Christmas decorations are taking up too much space beneath the stairs or you need a place to store suitcases while not travelling?

These lockers have a surprising amount of space in them and are a cost-effective way to gain safe storage for some important items you no longer have space for.

25 Square Foot

This space is a jump from those who can get away with lockers, to those who need a full storage unit. This size is a great solution for those in need of space while moving away for a short time, packing away golf clubs for the winter, or skis for the summer.

A unit of this size will allow you to start putting furniture or bulkier items away for safekeeping. You can fill it up with boxes if you wish of course, but it’s big enough to fit many wardrobes and similarly sized items.

For the de-clutterers, this size is a fantastic option!

50 Square Feet

Filled up a van that you need to find space for? This size is comparable to a standard box room. You can fit a couch comfortably, with room for many more items.

For business owners, this space could work wonderfully for a small or temporary stock inventory.

75 Square Feet

This is the perfect option for movers. Being able to hold the contents of the average two bedroom house, this would be a similar size to a double bedroom. There are very few normal household items that won’t make it into this space, and it can greatly reduce the hassle of moving or renovating your home.

100 Square Feet

If you feel you need the space of a full garage, this size will be a great fit. Offering the average storage space necessary for a three bedroom house, this is a fantastic open, square space for both home and business storage.

150 Square Feet

There’s very few houses of which the contents won’t fit in this size unit. Offering a 10ft x 15ft space, you’ll be able to stock everything up safely while you move, renovate or manage any lifestyle changes.

This space is also a great solution for the files and stock of a small business.

300 Square Feet

Our largest space, there’s nothing you won’t fit in here! You can fit the entire contents of any home here, with space similar to a double garage.

Medium sized businesses can also comfortably manage all files and stock in these units.

What Size Will You Need?



Consider what you’re planning to store and use our guidelines above to match the perfect sized unit. We’re always here to help with your storage challenges so get in touch now, and we’ll be happy to arrange a facility tour.