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Every decision comes with pros and cons. Some big choices such as where we want to live, work, and spend most of our time, may put us under a lot of pressure. This is true especially when there’s no way of knowing which is the right choice. One may simply go down a path and see what it brings along the way.

For many of us living in Ireland and abroad, Dublin may present plenty of opportunities, but also man challenges. Cost of living, the difficulty of renting, and many other considerations stand in the way of making an easy transition to city life. Yet there are undeniable benefits to living here. it may help you to see our definitive list on pros and cons, before making the big decision.

Vibrant City Life Packed With History

Dublin city has something for everyone. The faster pace of life may be tricky to manage at first. The key is to be brave and explore everything the city has to offer. The traditional Irish pubs, the cinemas, and parks are all good venues to make yourself feel at home in Dublin. Meanwhile, there are many more exciting things to try. The restaurants have food from all over the world, the art galleries showcase famous artists and underground Irish art. Entertaining comedy shows, historical city tours, and various evening classes are all great pastimes that the city offers in spades. You will also be living near an airport, with quick and cheap flights to almost anywhere in Europe. So you can get away and relax for a weekend trip if needs be. Which leads to our next point.

Beautiful Nature and Seaside Nearby

It needs hardly be said that Dublin is located right on the coastline. The Dart train runs through the heart of the city and all along the coast. This means that beautiful nature scenery is within a 30-minute train ride from the city. If you are craving a peaceful walk or jog by the sea, have pets that need walking, or even want a dip in the water (as many Dubliners do), you will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and convenient it is to get to all the splendid natural areas just outside the city.

No Shortage of Work Opportunities

The main draw to be moving to Dublin is to pursue studies and employment. No matter your specialisation, there are many Irish and international companies headquartered in Dublin looking to fill all kinds of roles. While there is a lot of competition for some of these jobs, there is still much to choose from and a lot of room to grow your career. If you are missing out on desired qualifications, there is also a wealth of specialised evening courses aimed at providing you with relevant skills. To a great degree, Dublin provides the opportunity for you to make your own fortune. It is a challenging, but a rewarding environment for those who wish to build their career.

Living Space and Cost of Living

While we have addressed some of the good sides of living in Dublin, every place has its downsides. It may be difficult to settle in to Dublin quickly, as there is a prominent lack of living space in the city. You may need to make temporary living arrangements, as you search for a place that suits your requirements. Keeping it flexible is key: you may need to look into sharing a house with others, or commute into the city. While finding appropriate living quarters in Dublin can be a major headache, it is a matter that often gets resolved once you are more established in the city. Having a network in Dublin is hugely helpful, as you may find others to move in with and share the costs.

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