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Congratulations, you’ve done it! Your kids are on their way to college and you’re about to have an empty nest for the first time in 18 years. So what should you do with all those extra, empty bedrooms? If you’re not interested in downsizing, there are several ways you can use the space and turn your empty nest into a new home. 

Home gym

Converting a bedroom into a home gym is a practical move. By having some weights, yoga mats, and workout DVDs just down the hall, you won’t have any more excuses to avoid a quick workout! 

Guest room

It’s always a good idea to keep at least one room as a guest room of any overnight visitors. Will your kids be home on weekends and school holidays? They’ll need a space to sleep, even if it’s not covered with their childhood memorabilia.  

Home Offices

Having a dedicated space for the family desktop and paperwork can be a great way to free up space in other rooms and create a clear distinction between work and play. If you’re still heading into an office every day, now is a great time to negotiate a work from home day or two!  

Make a Hobby Room

A hobby room can go a long way in shaping your life after children. If you love watching movies but have always had trouble sharing a TV with your partner, you could turn an extra bedroom into a home theater and soundproof it! Maybe you were a budding seamstress in your youth? Now is the time to crack out the sewing machine and start getting creative again. 

If you’re struggling to part with any of your child’s items or furniture, you can always rent a self-storage unit. We also provide student self storage facilities in case they need to keep their belongings up in Dublin between semesters!  We have 7 different sized units to choose from and 4 premium locations throughout Dublin. Get in touch today!