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Not everyone has the luxury of a large, spacious kitchen in their home. In a small kitchen, every inch of counter space is important. Take your tiny space to the max with these smart and straightforward storage and organising tips.  

  • Store pans sideways

Use drying racks to stack pans, cutting boards, lids, and baking trays horizontally to save space in your cupboards and presses. Storing them this way also makes them easier to access as you will be able to see every item more clearly when you open the cupboard door. 

  • Invest in a magnetic knife bar

Although they look professional, knife blocks take up far too much counter space. Instead, store knives and kitchen utensils on a magnetic strip on your wall. A magnetic strip placed up high also keeps sharp knives out of the sight (and hands) of children. 

  • Choose a hollow island with built-in storage space

If your kitchen is large enough to have an island as a countertop space, maximise its storage potential by choosing a design that has shelving or built-in storage underneath. This is a great way to gain back extra storage space, and as it’s below the eye line you won’t notice the extra items and objects stored there. 

  • Keep sink space neat and tidy

Get wet sponges and scrubbers off your countertop by placing them in desk organizers, and store often-used cooking utensils in mason jars. Another way to save space around the sink is to mount a drying rack to the wall, instead of having it by the sink.  

  • Get creative with forgotten spaces

Think about all of the surface areas and spaces in your kitchen and get creative about using them for storage. For example, the sides of lower cabinets and cupboards can be used to hang heavy items like pans and chopping boards with hooks. Metal coat hooks are inexpensive, easily available and work well for hanging heavier items- plus they have the added benefit of looking stylish and cool in a kitchen setting!  

  • Add “drawers” to deep cupboards and presses

Store your table linens, placemats, cloth napkins and other softer items in removable drawers or boxes, such as these ones from Ikea. This makes it easier to see them and to access the items, but it also frees up space in deep presses so that you can store more in them. 

  • Repurpose magazine holders into freezer shelves

Again, get creative with any extra office supplies you have laying around and use them in different storage contexts. Adding a couple of magazine holders stacked horizontally to the back of your freezer is great for organizing and storing bags of frozen fruits and veggies. Metal or plastic magazine holders work best for the freezer.

  • Invest in a thin storage rack on wheels

A favourite of home interiors bloggers and city dwellers with tiny kitchen spaces, a tall and skinny storage rack on wheels are perfect for storing items in the awkwardly designed spaces in your kitchen, while also looking stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Proudly display your French press and coffee set up here, and then wheel it away to a space that gets minimal traffic where it can be hidden away out of sight. 

If you’re still struggling with clutter and wondering what to do with all your kitchen items (especially the one you don’t use frequently such as cake mixers, Christmas crockery and delph, etc.) Nesta can offer an easy and straightforward solution- store your items with us!

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