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If you’re not the most organised person, the very thought of packing for university may be enough to send you into a mild panic. From establishing essentials to decluttering and packing to maximise space, there’s a lot of ground to cover. If you’re not careful, packing for university can quickly become an overwhelming task. But worry not! Simply follow the tips below, and we’ll have you packed up for university with your sanity intact. 

Embrace decluttering 

Start by dividing your items into three groups – pack, store, and donate. Immediately move the items marked for storage or donation to the new space. This is a simple way to quickly clear up space and will make the overall task of clearing your childhood bedroom less daunting. 

Create a work station  

Now that you’ve decluttered and made more space, take the time to gather all of your packaging materials in one corner to create a convenient packing station. This can prevent you from wasting valuable packing time searching for the box tape, bubble wrap and markers.  

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Be firm on essentials 

There’s a world of difference between need and want. It may be tempting to pack all the comforts of home, but you’ll only end up with a cluttered dorm still missing the essentials. Make a point to pack the must-haves first before packing your comfort items.  

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