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Packing up a house and planning a move is stressful even when you have months to prepare. That same stress can become overwhelming when forced to move in three days or less! Renting a storage unit is ideal for people that need to pack up and move quickly. We’ve put together some helpful tips to help the process and getting your belongings quickly and safely to a self-storage unit to go smoothly. So take a deep breath and read on…

1. Pack in suitcases.

If you need to leave your home in less than a week, think about your most used items. Put these items inside a suitcase that you’ll keep with you during the move in the event your new home isn’t ready. That way you’ll have easy access to the most important items in case you will be temporarily staying elsewhere.

2. Hire a moving company.

If you have the money, consider hiring a moving company for a last-minute move. These movers come into a home with neutral emotion and are much less likely to break something or hurt themselves because they are frazzled and overwhelmed – which you most likely will be! 

3. Ask for the help of friends, family or neighbours.

Most people, especially friends and family, are happy to help someone that is going through a rough time and needs to move quickly! It’s possible they have been in a similar situation or can at least relate to how stressful it might be. 

4. Declutter as you pack.

There’s obviously no point spending time moving and packing items that you don’t need. We recommend having one bin bag, and one donate box in every room you’re packing.  Try not to spend time analyzing sentimental items. You can pack those items and bring them with you to your new home or storage space. You take time with them later – when you have time! 

5. Take photos.

Whenever you come across a piece of furniture that needs to be disassembled, take a photo. These photos will help you remember how to put everything back together later!

6. Rent a moving van.

Renting a moving van can massively cut down on your packing and moving time. You’ll be able to move everything with fewer loads, and your belongings will be relocated safely. Nesta is proud to partner with Value Van Rental to make your moving process as smooth as possible!