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We’ve all been there! Chaotically packing your entire life into a box, running through rooms trying to find the tape, and cramming all your extra furniture into a tiny shed or spare room…moving is no walk in the park. But what if we told you there was a way to make your moves simple and painless?  

Self storage is a safe, easy and affordable way to store excess furniture during a move. Below, we explore a few ways that self storage can help and the benefits of renting a storage unit for a move.  

Why use self storage during a move? 

Storage facilities offer flexible, secure and reliable extra space close to home. For many families, renting a storage unit has become a popular way to free up space in the home and protect delicate and expensive items while you move.  

Here are just a few reasons why you might consider using a storage unit:  

  • Your moving dates don’t line up  
  • Your new home is smaller and you need long-term storage to keep some of your larger items 
  • You’re busy with renovations  
  • You need to store your things while you clean/paint your old house/apartment.  
  • You want to declutter your house before showing it to prospective buyers or renters 

Benefits of renting a self storage unit for your home move  

Protects valuable items 

Moving is a messy and risky task. Not only can your belongings be damaged, but if you have people coming in and out, they are also at risk of being stolen. By renting a clean and dry self storage unit, you can safely store away valuables like furniture, family heirlooms or expensive tools and appliances.  

Storage facilities are also equipped with advanced security systems such as CCTV surveillance, alarms and a fully-manned reception, guaranteeing 24-hour protection of your belongings.  

Gives you more space

Whether you’re moving into a small studio or a large 4-bedroom house, self storage can provide extra space for those items you can’t quite fit. This is ideal for large furniture like couches if you’ve downsized your living space, or even a couple of small boxes taking up space in your spare room.  

Makes renovations easier

If you’re fixing up your old home to attract new buyers or giving your new place a complete revamp, self storage frees up space for contractors and keeps all your items safe during the process. Self storage also offers flexible leases, allowing you to rent the exact amount of space you need until the renovations are complete. 

Reduces clutter

Clutter is your worst enemy when moving. It gets in the way of your packing and can result in prized possessions disappearing forever. Instead of struggling to work around the clutter and excess furniture, you can put it in self storage and use the extra space to get things done!  


Have a big move coming up? With top-quality units ranging from storage lockers to 300 sq. ft units, Nesta has all your storage needs covered. To learn more, give us a call on 1800 77 22 33 or check out our moving house solutions