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The first year of college is an exciting time of new beginnings and adventures, but it’s also a major adjustment. From finding your place in an unfamiliar environment to dodging the homesick bug, settling in can be tough. If you’ve got a case of first-year nerves, we have a few tips to help you settle into student life. 

Jump into orientation 

Orientation offers a rare opportunity to gently settle into your new life, learn the campus (remember the admin building!) and make friends while learning a few tips and tricks to help you smash the year. Most events also come with free food, making it a definite win! 

Make a homey room 

Dorm rooms are notoriously cold and bland. Invest in comfort accessories such as rugs, wall hangings, plants, ambient lighting, cute bedding, and photos from home to create an environment you’ll be happy to come home to after a long day of classes. The homier your items are, the quicker you’ll settle in. 

Expand your social circle 

Making friends is the easiest way to feel like you belong in a new space. From speaking up in lectures to joining a study group, a social club or attending matches (even if you’re not a sports fan), don’t be afraid to widen your social circle. 

Be money wise 

You’re in charge of your finances now, and not knowing if you’ll have enough money to last until the end of a month can be unsettling. Establish a budget of your estimated monthly expenses to avoid blowing your savings on pub nights, new clothes and takeout in the first few weeks.   

Have a trusted GP 

When a stomach bug or flu makes its way around campus, the last thing you’ll want to do in your time of sickness is scramble around for a recommended GP. Do a little research beforehand to ensure you have at least two you can call when in need. 

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