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Summer weather means a lot of us are spending more time in our gardens. Whether you have a green thumb or not, you most likely have an assortment of garden tools laying around the house. People usually have their tools all over their homes from the attic or basement to the outside sheds, but if they are not stored properly, they can break and rust. 

So what’s the best way to store these?

Tools are best stored when they’re out of the way but still accessible. Hang forks and rakes off the floor with sturdy wall hooks. There’s a wide range available on the market, from the expensive to the affordable; make sure you choose ones suitable for outdoor use to avoid rusting. Hang on the inside of the door to free up the walls for extra shelving.

Installing a simple pegboard in your garden shed keeps everything secure, organised and neat. With just a few materials – a pegboard, paintbrush, satin paint, 2 D-rings and hooks holders – you can create a fun DIY Challenge! There are lots of resources available on Pinterest to help you along your way. Remember to cover garden tools when storing them for long-term periods. For large items like lawnmowers, a tarp will work perfectly. Power tools should be stored in their original hard case. 

You probably have more tools than space to safely store them, so why not consider storing them in a storage unit? Putting your tools in a self-storage unit will keep them secure, away from children and frees up space in your home for other items.