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Most of us spend much of the day sitting down. Beginning with the morning commute, then long hours of sitting down at the office, and finally relaxing at the end of the day – this means relatively little movement throughout the day. This isn’t to mention that almost a third of our days are spent lying down, sleeping peacefully in our beds. And yet, it is rare to consider the effect our choice of furniture has on our overall well-being. In this article, we provide a few things to consider in the way you sit or lie down in the furniture that provides the supporting framework for most of your day.

Take a seat

There are plenty of guides and tutorials online about how to sit in your office chair. It may seem like a small thing, but having the right sitting posture is so important to your overall well-being. In order to avoid stiffness, adjust your seat so that your back is relaxed, your feet stretched out in front of you, and your eyes are directly in line with the screen in front of you. The right office chair should be highly adjustable, not too hard to sit on, and provide ample support for your back. As long as you’re sitting correctly, you can avoid many aches and pains shared by office workers who simply never adjusted their chairs.

Sleeping on it

We don’t always think about this, but our bed has a lot of impact on the way we feel throughout the day. It is easy to take our bed for granted. Yet, it impacts our quality of sleep, which, in turn, has an effect on everything we do during the day. The hardness of our mattress determines our sleeping position, where we place our pillow changes the way we carry ourselves.

Depending on how we lie down when we sleep, we are putting pressure on different areas of our bodies. This may then reflect in the way we feel when we go about our daily life. If, for instance, we put pressure on our spine while sleeping on our backs, then our back may be tired the next day, and unable to support us for hours at a time in an upright sitting position at our office job.

This means we need to be conscious of our bedding and choose what is optimally suited for our sleeping habits. There are many options to choose from, and everyone needs something different when it comes to sleep. Bedding made of memory foam is a great option for those who need somewhere to start, as it adjusts specifically to the ways of each user.

Lean back, take a break

It is tempting to disregard posture altogether when taking a break from it all. But don’t ignore the long-term effects bad sitting positions can have on the body! Take that well-earned break, keeping in mind that your furniture should be suited to support you best. So that when you need to, you are ready to get up and go!