Dave & Sue had booked a 6 week trip to Australia and just before they left they found out that their landlord was selling their apartment so they had to move out quickly.

The Challenge


They had no time to find somewhere new to live before their trip and this left them with the problem of where to store all their belongings while they were away.
They needed somewhere that could store their belongings immediately in a location that would be convenient to them. As they were storing all their possessions they wanted to make sure everything would be kept safe while they were away.

The Solution

Location: Nesta Santry was the solution for Dave and Sue. Situated in a location that is was close to them off the M50 made the move into their room as easy and convenient as possible.

Flexibility:– Nesta were able to offer them a room for as long as they needed without any pressure to provide a move out date. Giving them the freedom to find a new home at their own pace.

Security: – As they were storing all of their belongings, security was important to them. Nesta has individual alarmed rooms, 24hr CCTV and personal access codes ensuring that everything is kept safe and secure.

I passed by Nesta’s building everyday on my way home from work but had never thought of using self-storage. We had been so excited about our trip and finding out last minute that we had to move out of our home was a disaster and threatened to derail our trip. I called Nesta and they were great. They were so helpful, they answered all my questions (and I had a lot!!) and after a visit to their site I was sure that this was the right choice for me. Nesta helped arrange a moving truck and within a week Sue and I had moved all our belongings in to our room at Nesta. We were able to go on holidays as planned without any worries. Nesta took care of everything for us.