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Excited for the most wonderful time of the year? We literally can’t wait for all the festivities to kick off! Christmas FM is back, the cold snap is teasing snow, and the Santa lists have all been left up the chimney. However, as joyous a time it is, the festive season can be a stressful time for parents. If you’re stuck for a good hiding space this year, you absolutely have to read on. Stop your worrying, we have the perfect Christmas storage solution.

Every single year, we hear of heartbroken kids stumbling upon a set of presents that somehow, match exactly what they asked for before the big day. The wonder and magic of Santa is what makes the season so special for kids, so we need to keep the mystique alive for as long as possible.

School friends gossip and older siblings annoy, but kids generally remain defiant in their belief unless confirmed by an unexpected discovery. Believe us, you’ll be just as heartbroken to mistakenly ruin the surprise.

Christmas Storage Solutions: What to Avoid

Think about your own childhood. Particularly as you grew older, an inquisitive nature took over in the weeks building up to Santa’s arrival. You wanted to believe, but you probably found yourself searching throughout the house looking to be disproved. Unless you found anything though, you were happy to wake up on the 25th and see what the big man left.

Check out the video below. Do any of these kids remind you of your own?



If you want to try to hide everything at home, at least avoid the following:

Car Boots

You might arrive home with a boot full of Santa presents and kids waiting at the door. For the short term this is obviously where they’ll stay, but by no means is this a real solution.

How many times will kids go looking for a football, a dog lead or anything they’ve left in the car from a recent excursion? They’ll grab the keys from your bag or coat and go hunting. Even with the most innocent intentions, they’ll easily come across a boot full of presents without meaning to find them.

They’re even more vulnerable then they need to be. Years ago, my own mother’s car was stolen on Christmas Eve during an annual family tradition. Unfortunately, Dad woke up to an empty stocking the next day, but had it been my sister or I there would’ve been some serious tears!


One of the more responsible spots, there’s always still a chance of getting caught out by inquisitive kids. It’ll be the first port of call for a child detective and there’s a legitimate danger as shelves can be scaled.

Mammy and Daddy’s room can also be gathering area in many homes on a weekend morning. A wardrobe door left open from the night before could be all that’s needed to spoil your hiding efforts.

Under the Bed/Stairs

Similar to a wardrobe, these are just such obvious spots for kids to take a quick peek. It may work when they’re toddlers, but don’t expect the magic to last if you’re relying on these spaces as they grow up.


A shed with a lock can be like Fort Knox to a kid, so hiding here can often be effective. Garages and lockups are also a good options, as long as it’s not easily accessible to the little detectives. The danger comes though with the conditions of where you’re storing everything. There’s minimal protection to the elements in a shed and it’s not exactly the most habitable time of year. Garages and lockups can be similarly vulnerable and clutter traps where everything is thrown around. If everything is boxed up and safe though, it might be the right option for you.

However, the only thing worse than ruining the surprise is storing it incorrectly and wrecking the present. Store everything safely in an environment where the presents won’t get wrecked. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have access to such spaces, so we need to look elsewhere.

Christmas Storage Solutions: The Perfect Option!

Ideally, you shouldn’t have the presents near the house until a few days before the 25th. Curiosity will have subsided by then and you can rest easy knowing you’ve kept the magic alive. But with Black Friday sales and the festive season becoming longer every bloody year, this is no easy feat. That is unless you place your trust in Nesta as your self-storage provider.

Think about it, our services accommodate all storage needs – no matter how big or small. You can pick up all the presents, and drop them off at your unit without going near the house. We’re even open on Christmas Eve so you can leave it all until the day before if you’re really stuck for space.

You can be the Christmas hero you want with no risk, stress or worry! Let us keep everything safe, away from curious eyes, and enjoy all the celebrations this time of year offers.

We have 5 locations, all within a quick drive of the city centre and major shopping destinations including:

  • Deansgrange – Dundrum, Dun Laoghaire, Frascati
  • Kylemore Road – Blanchardstown, Liffey Valley, The Square
  • Sandyford – Carrickmines, Dundrum, Stillorgan
  • Santry – Charlestown, Omni, Pavilions
  • Kilbarrack – Artane Castle, ClareHall, Donaghmede

And if you’re stuck for space, why not keep the unit into the new year to put away the decorations. A self-storage unit can quickly become an extension of your home to help de-clutter, so you can make room for life!

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If you want to find out how you can avail of the perfect Christmas storage solution, get in touch with us today! Make sure your kids can enjoy every bit of Christmas, and that you can keep the magic of it all alive.