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Why should I use self storage for my business?
Do I have to sign a lease?


Do you supply a lock for my room/ unit?
Can I access my room 24 hours a day?
What are the opening hours?
Why do I need an access code?
Why do I need to have a lock on my room?


Why do I have to have my own lock?
What security features do you offer?
Can I allow other people access to my room?

Size of Unit:

Can I upsize/downsize room if I need more or less storage space?
What size room/unit will I need?
If I book the wrong size unit/room can I change it?
What is the height of the rooms?
What is the width of the openings in the doors?

Packing Supplies:

Why should I buy boxes?
Do you sell boxes and packing supplies?

Facilities available:

Do you have trolleys available?
Do you accept deliveries to my room?
Do you have stacking unit available?
I have heavy items to store – are there lifts I can use?
Is that tea for me?

Transport and Moving:

Do you provide a removal service?
How do I bring my belongings to my unit?

Rental Period:

What is the minimum rental period?
Do I need to give you notice when I want to move out?
Do I need to tell anyone that I finished with the room?

Invoicing/payment charges:

Are there discounts available for long term storage?
Why do I have to pay for room/unit in advance?