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When thinking about storage, the utility room or laundry room is often overlooked in our homes. Most of us have limited space in our utility rooms, however, with a few easy hacks, you can maximise your storage and make the most of the utility room so that it’s practical, functional, and looks good too! Read our top 5 ways to make the most of your utility room to find out more. 

1. Plan your space based on usage

Before making any changes, it’s important to ask yourself what do you use your utility room for? What is its main purpose? This will determine what kind of storage you need and how you design and arrange ths space. For example, if you use the area as a mudroom, then you’ll want a shoe rack and a decent absorbent mat. Do you use it for laundry? Then it’s important that there are storage and space for organising clothes close to the washer and dryer. 

And if the back door is the main door used to access the rest of the house (this is pretty common in Ireland), then you’ll want plenty of neat and tidy storage so that it’s welcoming and pleasing on the eye. No matter the main function of your utility room, you can always create a space that is both practical and looks good! 

2. Utilise wall storage space with lots of shelving

When space is tight, using every square inch will go a long way to maximising your space. Consider continuing your shelving or presses right up to the ceiling so you’re not wasting space at the top of a press. It will also make the room appear bigger as the shelves draw the eyes upwards. Invest in a foldable step or ladder that’s easily stored away like this one from Ikea so that you can reach the top shelves and make the most of your storage. 

3. Stack your machines and cover them

Stacking your machines rather than having them side by side frees up a lot of room in a small utility space. Because washing machines and dryers are liable to move around while spin cycles are on, it’s best to place one of the machines on top on a sturdy shelf/counter before stacking. While this may be a little time consuming to organise, it’s worth doing if you’re looking to free up a good deal of space in your utility area.  

Washing machines and dryers not only make a space feel a bit cluttered, but they can also be quite loud. Consider building or installing a cupboard that closes off the machines from view and also dims their noise. This is a sleek solution that will help streamline your space and make it feel bigger. 

4. Use overhead drying racks/rails to free up floor space

A drying rack or horse is bulky and can take up a lot of floor space in a room. Instead, try hanging a rail above your washing machine to hang your wet items.

Still struggling with excess items or stuff cluttering up the floor space in your utility area? Often utility rooms become a holding ground for items that aren’t used very often. They can also be used for bulky items that take up lots of space in other rooms. Sort through your stuff and see what needs to be kept but is not used very often. Consider storing it in a self-storage unit. Nesta has flexible, affordable options to suit a wide variety of needs. See for yourself and check out some of our reviews before contacting us to discuss options:  

5. Have fun with functionality!

Just because utility rooms are mainly functional and practical rooms that are not part of the main hub of the house does not mean that their interior design and decoration should be overlooked. In fact, as they are not used as often as other rooms in the house, utility rooms are often the perfect space for experimenting and having fun with bold wallpaper or paint, some DIY designs or interesting light fixtures and fittings. Think creatively in this small space when it comes to decorating and you’ll enjoy it and have fun using it so much more!