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Whether you’re tired of tripping over Christmas decorations in July or a business owner with excess stock taking over valuable office real estate, a little extra space to stay organised is always welcome. If you’re ready to embrace clutter-free living in your household or business, we look at the top reasons you should take advantage of self storage. 

World-class security 

Moving high-value inventory or priceless sentimental items out of sight can be stressful. However, Nesta Self Storage takes security to the next level by offering 24-hour CCTV surveillance, individually-alarmed units and unique PIN code access, ensuring complete security 24/7 at no extra cost. 

The perfect business base of operations 

As they say, a cluttered space is a cluttered mind. A business storage unit provides affordable and secure space for storing excess inventory, file archiving, or packing and dispatching orders. Additionally, Nesta also offers fully furnished and equipped meeting rooms when you need a quiet space to work.  

Learn more about our business self storage options and flexible Dublin office rentals today! 

Transitioning between homes 

Whether you’re moving abroad or down the street, self storage provides a secure space to store packed boxes and furniture before the big day, giving you room to do a final clean. Moving everything in one go often leads to damage, lost items, and high anxiety as you trip over yet another box. 

Ready to move? We offer quality packaging materials and moving house storage solutions! 

Storing your seasonal items 

From the Christmas tree taking up valuable space in your garage to summer outdoor furniture and sporting gear, a personal self storage unit provides all the extra space you need to declutter your home while keeping your belongings safe year-round.  

Not sure what size unit you require? Try our handy self storage size guide. 

A smooth college transition 

If you’re heading off to college with more items than your small dorm room can handle, you need self storage. With student storage units starting as small as a locker, you can easily store unessential appliances, extra textbooks and precious childhood items in one convenient location for a few weeks, a semester or the entire year.  


Whether growing your business, moving house or simply decluttering, Nesta Self Storage has all you need for a hassle-free experience. To learn more about self storage, give us a call on 1800 77 22 33, pop into your nearest facility or request an obligation-free quote online.