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Christmas has passed, the New Year is upon us, and we’re already looking ahead to the start of Spring. When the world starts to thaw, and spring graces us with its presence, it often means a big clean is around the corner. Everyone likes to spring clean as it gives them an excuse to properly go over their home and get it back to usual after the long hard winter.

A post-winter clean is important as you’ll likely accumulate loads of clutter over the previous few months. Plus, if you have kids, then they’ve been home from school or university, meaning there’s more mess than usual. Don’t worry, a big spring clean may seem like a daunting task, but we have some tips you can follow to get ready for it.

Declutter Your Home

You will make spring cleaning so much easier with a little post-winter declutter. Gather up all the little bits and bobs that find themselves lying around the house. You know what I’m talking about; the Christmas gift bags that are still lying on the living room floor, the empty tins of chocolates and sweets. Oh, and who can forget all the boxes that are left in your garage and attic from Christmas Day. Collect everything and throw it away to create more room and less mess in your home. Feel free to check out our declutter tips and guides if you need some added assistance!

Move Things Into Storage

While decluttering your home, you’ll come across a problem. There will likely be loads of new toys and items that your family gained over the Christmas period. They don’t classify as junk so you can’t throw them out. The question is; where do they go? If you’re strapped for storage space, then you have nowhere to put all the new things. This means you end up with lots of stuff hanging out around your house, taking up room and creating clutter.

In essence, you need an alternative storage solution. With Nesta, you can find home storage locations to place lots of family items that you need but can’t keep in your home. Our advice is to free up space in your home by moving things to storage that aren’t used regularly. The best example of this is your Christmas decorations. Move our many boxes of decorations to a storage location, and you free up space in your home for all the new toys and gadgets everyone received. Then, next Christmas, you can take the decorations out of storage, put them up, then take them down and store them again.

Start Making A List

As spring draws nearer, you should start making a list of all the cleaning tasks you wish to accomplish. Write everything in order or priority, so you know what gets tackled first during your big clean. This helps give you a schedule to follow and makes the task seem a lot easier when it’s broken down into small individual tasks. Plus, there’s a real sense of accomplishment that comes from striking things off the list.

If you follow the guidance in this article, you’ll very quickly be ready for the big post-winter clean. With less clutter and more space in your home, it makes the task so much easier.