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Just because you’ve got kids doesn’t mean you have to let the toys rule the house! You can have kids’ toys and still keep your home organised and neat. 

Here’s a list of 17 different ways to help you do it. No matter where in the house the toys are, we’re giving you the best toy storage ideas to help you keep your home looking its best! 

(alt-text: Playroom toy storage ideas will help keep your home neat and organised.) 


Playroom Toy Storage Ideas

Your kids’ playroom is bound to be where most toys live. And it’s easily one of the rooms that can get the messiest because of it. 

But with proper organisation and storage, even your playroom can feel tidy. 

Here are our top 8 playroom toy storage ideas for you to use: 

(alt-text: Cubbies, baskets, and shelves are great playroom toy storage ideas.) 


Baskets to Store Toys

One of the simplest ways to store toys? Get yourself plenty of baskets. 

Whether they’re wire baskets, wicker baskets, or something else entirely, baskets get the job done. 

Your kiddos can play to their hearts’ content. And when they’re done, you can just toss their toys right into the baskets. 

Find large round ones and keep them in an empty corner. Your kids can easily grab toys the next time they’re in the playroom! 

Tiered storage units

A tiered storage unit is a great way to store toys and keep them organised. You can use each cubby for different types of toys. Or you can separate your toys from your books and stuffed animals.  

Built-in cabinets for storage and organisation

If you have the space for it, building cabinets and shelves make for excellent playroom toy storage. With them built against walls, you can save more floor space to give your kids more room to play. 

Use decor bins with tops

Like baskets, decor bins with tops can sit on the floor for easy access for your kids. Or you can set them on the bottom shelves of bookcases.

 And with tops, you can essentially hide away toys when they’re not in use. 

Add storage benches

Storage benches look great up against a wall. They serve as a great seat for watching out the window, or for just supervising your kids while they play. 

And, of course, you can open up a storage bench and plop their toys in when playtime is over. 

Don’t forget your closet

A closet is still an excellent option for playroom toy storage ideas! All it may need is a little organisation. 

Put a small bookcase or a shelving unit in it. And then your playroom closet serves as storage for clothes and toys! 

Add a rolling cart

A rolling cart is a great space saver when it comes to toy room storage ideas. Place the toys on your rolling cart once your kid is finished playing. And then simply roll it away! A small enough one can fit under a desk or a bunk bed. Or, if you’ve organised the playroom closet, you can roll it right behind closed doors. 

Make use of a bookcase

A bookcase is obviously great for books. But it doesn’t have to only be for books! Use a bookcase for toy storage, too. 

Place your decor bins with tops or even your baskets filled with toys on the bottom shelves of your bookcase. You can also add certain toys to the bookcase as decor once your kiddos are done playing with them! 

Hanging toy storage ideas

Whether you have limited space to work with or you’re being conscientious of your floor space period, using your vertical space is always a good idea. 

Here are 4 hanging toy storage ideas for your playroom: 

(alt-text: Floating shelves are the perfect hanging toy storage idea.) 


Wire hanging baskets for Toys

Just like with baskets that sit on the floor, wire hanging baskets are a great storage idea. The difference? Since they’re hanging, they free up more floor space. 

Not to mention, using wire hanging baskets are great if you’re being conscientious of your decor. They look sleek and modern, which is perfect if that’s your decor style

Floating shelves for storage that saves floor space

Floating shelves are another great choice, especially if you’re looking for a stylish option. Not to mention, floating shelves are perfect to use up any awkward wall space or tight corners. Use up all the vertical space available to you with this hanging toy storage idea! 

Add coat hooks

If your kiddos love to play dress up, then go for coat hooks on the walls. This will free up more space in your bins and baskets. Plus, small fancy dress outfits look cute on display! 

Find shelving units

A shelving unit in a unique design that can be secured to the wall is a great way to add hanging toy storage for your playroom. And it adds a perfect element of decor to the room, as well! You can use a shelving unit for toys, baskets, books, and more.


Toy Storage Ideas for the Living Room

If you’ve got kids, then chances are you have toys in other areas of your home … not just in your playroom. So, here are the 4 best toy storage ideas for the living room for when guests show up and you don’t have enough time to put away the toys in the playroom:

(alt-text: Toys end up everywhere, which is why toy storage ideas for the living room are necessary.) 


Ottoman toy box

An ottoman toy box is the best example of functional furniture. You can slip your toys inside it, and entertain guests without having to stare at toys scattered around the living room. 

Entertainment centre turned toy storage

If you have enough room to use an entertainment centre in your living room, then, by all means, don’t pass up on this toy storage idea. 

Use an entertainment centre as cubbies for toys in your living room. Add baskets that match your decor style, and tuck them away safely in the centre. And if you can find one with doors, you can shut the toys away completely when people come over. 

Toy storage underneath your coffee table

Don’t forget to use all the space you have available to you! Find flat baskets or bins and tuck them underneath your coffee table. Then, you can pull out the toys when it’s playtime. And put them away when playtime is over! 

Baskets and storage bins

Just like in your playroom, you can’t go wrong with baskets and storage bins. Find baskets and storage bins that match your decorating style, and add them as decor elements to your living room. Friends and family who visit won’t know the difference between your decor and your toy storage! 


Toy Storage Ideas for Old Toys

If you’re looking for ways to declutter your playroom (and the rest of your home), but you’re not ready to sort through it all, then you’ll need this particular toy storage idea. 

(alt-text: Self-storage is a great toy storage idea for older toys.) 


Self-storage solution for old toys and clutter

You might not be ready to part with some of your little one’s older toys just yet. Self-storage solutions for such toys and clutter in your house is a great way to organise your home without having to get rid of anything.

Whether you just don’t have time to sort through things that need to be sold or donated, or you just need extra space, this is the way to go. 


Getting organised with playroom toy storage ideas is a perfect way to feel more at home in your house. Finding ways to tidy up and rid yourself of clutter will help you feel more stress-free and relaxed! 

And if you’ve got a bit too much clutter that you need extra space for, we recommend finding a storage unit that suits your needs

If you’re ready for self-storage solutions, we can help you! Get a quote from us here.