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Like to reduce costs? Want a storage unit that actually works for you?

Self-storage is one of those purchases that many people only care about one factor for – price. Funnily enough, though, the cheaper options will often increase your on-going costs and run a higher bill in the long run. Why sacrifice better service and standards just because one option is a tenner cheaper each month? If you really want to save money whilst also getting a unit that truly suits you, consider these self-storage location tips that most people forget about.

Self-Storage Locations: What You Need to Focus On


The discount storage options you’ll come across will often be an ordeal to get to. If anything’s cheap, it’s usually for a reason. And the less a unit costs upfront, the further it usually is from civilisation.

Why skimp out on a cheaper option if you burn up half a tank of petrol to get there and back? Saving marginal amounts per month on a cheap unit waste so much time and money anytime you need to gain access to it.

This is particularly the case for business owners. Where time is your most precious commodity whilst running a business, unnecessary travel can clog up your week.

And even for personal storage, location will completely influence how you use your unit. Will you be bothered to avail of your extra space if a cross-city journey requires it? You’ll most likely just waste your space and underutilise it as an asset.

Make sure your storage location is close to where you’re working or living. Access to a motorway and public transport is even a plus.

Nesta offers four locations within Dublin that all service major road networks and can be reached by good public transport. No matter where in the city, you’ll always be within a quick drive of one of our branches to get set up.


An empty container offers great space and often at a low price. But who the hell is actually protecting your valuables? Having peace of mind is a massively underrated benefit to owning a storage space.

Cheaper options in storage often place responsibility on the user or offer minimal safeguards. In spaces where we regularly place items of great importance to us, you need to be protected.

Choose a location that can allow you to sleep at night. CCTV, personal access codes and so on might increase your monthly costs slightly, but it’s more than worth it.

Nesta operates with the leading security measures within the storage industry. Don’t risk it with a container or random lockup – it’s not worth losing everything.


The right location should offer multiple storage options all at different costs. If you want to get a unit that won’t run up a bill you shouldn’t be paying, but still have enough space – size is everything.

We’ve discussed this before, but plan and measure out everything you need to store. Don’t just pick the biggest unit expecting the fill it out, that causes clutter. Put aside what you need for stored and identify the smallest space required to safely put it away.

Nesta facilitates storage with units as small as a nine square foot, all the way to three hundred. No matter what you want, we’ll be able to offer the perfect size to fit your needs!


How often do you think you’ll need to use your unit? It’s generally a lot more than you anticipate. When you can access a storage unit quickly and easily, it’ll become an extension of your home or business.

There’s also nothing more frustrating when you need to get something urgently from your unit, but you can’t get in. Cheaper options can be often only be seen by appointment or closed for weekends.

Nesta is open 7 days. Whether you need to pick up some stock for a new customer or get a photo album before the grandparents pop over, you won’t need to wait when storing here.

This often isn’t a problem until you’ll experience it. Particularly for business owners – make sure access is never an issue within your storage.

Support Staff

Having staff present at your local storage facility is grossly underrated. Not only do they act as an extra security measure, but they’re always there to help out with whatever you need. As services across the world are becoming increasingly automated, a familiar face managing your valuables offers fantastic peace of mind.

They can assist in your storing efforts, answer any queries you may have, and make sure day-to-day that nobody is accessing what they shouldn’t.

Be honest – cheaper options without support staff present make your units vulnerable. Even if something happens while you’re away, having someone to pick up the phone can is really important. Anyone can punch in a code to a gate or cut a lock. The risk of that happening whilst staff are present is significantly lower.

Nesta employs multiple staff across all four branches. The service our staff offer customers are unequivocal to any other storage facility in Ireland. In fact, it’s what led us to be so victorious in this year’s FEDESSA European Storage Awards just last month.

Reduce Costs and Store Properly Now!

If you’d like to discover more about some of our storage options, check us out now. We have four fantastic locations around Dublin based in Deansgrange, Kylemore Road, Sandyford and Santry.

We guarantee that you’ll find the perfect option for your storage needs, ensuring that you can:

  • Reduce costs from unnecessary space.
  • Enjoy a location you can easily and always access.
  • Be assured your valuable items are safe.
  • Always get in touch over any issues or queries with familiar staff.

Don’t cause yourself the hassle by focusing on price and nothing more. Enjoy a full range of service, say goodbye to clutter and most importantly – Make Room For Life!