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Have a look through this list. and check that everything is safely stored away that needs to be.

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It’s been an unusually mild winter so far. More sun, temperature in the double digits Celsius, and (so far) zero surprise snow days.

With so little going on by way of extreme winter weather, is there any point in storing away for the season garden furniture and other items we keep outdoors?

The answer is yes, at least when it comes to things we are likely not to use for a few months. The garden grill, outdoor armchair, and gardening implements are vulnerable to rust and mold when left outside in the cold.

There are a few things that should be done before putting these items away.

#1 Tip is to get the item properly clean, as any lingering dirt can cause the item to deteriorate.

If you’re cleaning the grill, you can get the excess grease off by blasting it at high heat for 15 mins, then scrape it with a soft bristle brush or a crumpled wad of aluminum foil.

To clean garden furniture from mould, mildew and moss, make this DIY remover. Mix 1 cup household bleach and 1 cup of washing powder in a 1/2 bucket of warm water. Soak your furniture with the bleach solution, and let it sit for 5 minutes. After that, everything should scrub off easy with a sponge. Before storing, pack your furniture in plastic to keep it clean.

#2 Tip is to store your bike upside down, or hang it up, in order to avoid bending the wheels or deflating the tires.

#3 Tip is for your garden tools: these should be properly cleaned, shined and sharpened in order to be ready for use the next season.

#4 Tip is regarding the packaging of your items. Make sure to wrap separates in plastic, and delicate items in bubble wrap. Wrapping is also a good idea to keep the germs out of straw patio furniture. Read here for more tips on how to properly clean patio furniture!

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