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We’ve had a big name change and we would like to share with you the reason why

This year we are celebrating 25 years in business and over the years we have seen big changes in our business and the self-storage industry in Ireland. As the industry around us changes we wanted to better understand how customers felt about the service we provide and did we need to change with the times. Over the past year we asked many of our customer’s lots of questions, we ran a series of workshops, a number of focus groups, surveys but above all, we listened. We began to realize that our business was much more than providing secure storage for our customer’s belongings, that there are many stories hiding behind the shutters and that there are many reasons why people need storage, from personal to professional, precious to practical.

The feedback we received, whatever the reason for needing storage, was that our staff were what made us different, that we put the customer first in everything we do, we care not just about the service we provide but about how we provide it, that we take time to understand our customers and their needs and do everything we can to help. That our staff are warm, friendly and respectful, and that we are a family business at heart and this shines through in everything we do.

The feedback was that the company name and logo did not do the business justice, it looked dated and that we needed to change and adapt to reflect our business and the expectations of our customers today and into the future. Our business is not simply about storage anymore, it’s about enabling people in whatever they need to do in life, it’s not simply about delivering space but about making room for people in their lives, room for a family to grow, room to breathe after a life event, room for businesses to grow. Our rebrand is much more than a new name or a new sign above our buildings, it’s a reflection of the warm, friendly and informative culture of the business.

Our new identity is a visual expression of our new found understanding and a reflection of what our customer want from the service we provide. Our mission is to provide a ‘duty of care’ and look after customers’ belongings as if they were our own. Through our ‘Culture & Values’ delivering a positive and personal experience that customers will share with others that transforms simple storage into making room for life. Thank you to all the many customers for their candid and often touching feedback that helped us on our journey of discovery and our new name Nesta.