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Getting older is hard. It’s hard on your body, your mind and your finances. As an adult child with living parents, one of the greatest privileges is the opportunity to move your elderly parents into your home and take care of them.  


While taking care of your ageing parents is an incredible gesture, it’s not always as simple as packing up their goods and moving them to a new address. If you are considering moving your elderly parents into your home, there are a few things to consider that will help ensure a smooth transition for them, yourself and your family.  


Are you mentally and emotionally ready? 

Having your parents move into your home involves a great deal of role reversal, which can have a negative psychological impact if not addressed. A few things to discuss before the move include the state of your relationship with your parents, whether they are mentally ready to live under your roof and rules, and how you plan to handle conflict going forward. This is particularly important if you have children who may get caught up in ongoing disagreements.  


Is the move permanent or temporary? 

The length of stay should be agreed upon early as it could greatly impact any household changes you may need to implement. If your parent(s) are only staying with you for a short period, setting them up in a furnished guest room while storing their items is a quick fix. However, if they are making a permanent move, it may be better to store your items in self storage and give them the freedom to personalise their new living quarters with their belongings.  


Will they require care assistance or supervision? 

Are your parents in good health, or do they require special care for a mental or chronic illness? Health is another of those uncomfortable conversations that you need to be truthful about as the amount of care they need will directly impact their quality of life, yours and your family’s. Whether you are caring for a healthy or sickly parent, be sure to consider their present and future needs and carefully decide if you can provide them with the level of care they will need.  


Is your home older-adult friendly? 

Mobility is something to consider for a temporary or permanent move. A few low-cost household changes you can implement include placing a non-slip mat in the shower and on stairs, as well as installing grab bars in the shower, bathtub, and next to the toilet. Additionally, you may want to reorganise your kitchen to ensure that the items your parents use most are in easy to reach places. This will help avoid bending more than necessary and putting any strain on their back. 


Can you handle the extra expense? 

Nobody likes to talk about money, but it is necessary. Before agreeing to the move, you need to be clear on whether or not you can handle the cost of taking care of your parents without putting yourself in debt. Are your parents in a position to assist in small ways? Do you have siblings who can share the costs? The truth is that there is no right or wrong way to handle the expenses, but you do need to be open and honest about everyone’s expectations and your financial limitations.  


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