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Paper documents tend to pile up. Many of them are not strictly necessary to keep around, but are too important to just throw away. They may contain a record of important milestones, past accomplishments, or priceless memories of somebody’s life. Over a lifetime, each of us collects our own archive of these valuable paper files. Space to keep them is limited. There is no furniture in the home that seems suited to the task: few of us have filing cabinets or have a drawer in the nightstand to spare. The result is that there is no designated space ideally suited to store something important. Not to worry: we provide a few possible solutions below.

Consider storing your documents digitally

These days it is easier than ever to transfer your files into an online storage app such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or simply into a folder on your computer. A little time investment is required, as you will need to scan and upload the documents. But once you’re done, you have a digital copy on file whenever you may need it. Then you can worry less about potentially losing the perishable paper documents, as a copy will always be available to you in your digital storage space.

Rent a locker or a safe

There are cost-effective solutions available for filing away valuable documents for long periods of time. This option has the added benefit of keeping your papers secure in an airtight and climate-controlled safe. Check with your local storage provider; most will have tailor-made options for document safekeeping.

Get a compartmentalised briefcase or filing folder

Some files need to be kept close at hand and remain easy to access. A compartmentalised briefcase or folder will keep things compact and tidy. This also means your files will be easy to retrieve whenever you need them. Use this option for your big purchase receipts, medical records, travel documents, anything that you may need to procure within short notice.

Avoid places that get damp or have temperature fluctuations

If you are considering your attic or basement, proceed with caution. You may want to purchase a storage box or filing cabinet that is specifically suited to store your documents, first. Paper is very vulnerable to poorly controlled environments, so we recommend considering other options provided above before simply tucking away your files wherever there may be some extra space available.