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As the weather warms up, it might be time to start thinking about the switch to your summer wardrobe. Or maybe your overflowing closet is costing you a lot of time in the morning as you’re struggling to find the right shirt. It only takes a few dedicated hours to go from a stuffed closet to an organised one. We’re here to guide you through the process, step by step!

1.Step One: Inventory

First, you need to figure out what’s actually in your closet. Remove everything, including clothes, hangers and shoes, and plop it on your bed or floor. You’re starting fresh! It’s a good idea to play some music to keep you energized throughout this process. Sometimes getting rid of your belongings can be emotional and tiring, but the peace of mind it will bring will be worth it.

2.Step Two: Bags

Next you’re going to need to grab some bin bags and designate them as “donate” or “throw away”. If possible, having different coloured bags can help you from accidentally mixing these up! If you have a lot of on-trend or designer clothing, you can grab a third bag for items you can sell online through eBay or Depop.

3. Step Three: Set Rules

It’s time to start being ruthless. You’re going to make four piles: keep, repair, throw away and donate. The throw away pile and charity pile are bin bags we have already prepared. The keep and repair piles can be on top of your dresser, a chair or somewhere separate from the rest of the clothes. Start sorting with these kind of rules in mind; If you haven’t worn it in a year and it’s still in good condition, it goes in the charity bag. If it has holes, worn-out elastic or rips that can’t be repaired, throw it in the bin etc. If you’re still struggling to throw things out, use Marie Kondo’s famous mantra “does this bring me joy?”. Chances are it doesn’t and you’ve claimed back some space!

4. Step Four: Organise

Now you just need to put everything from the keep pile back in your closet. For the rest, it’s important you deal with them right away. Taking action will prevent those items from taking up space and sneakily making their way back into your closet!

5. Step Five: Storage

If you can’t bear to part with some items, you can always put them in storage until you need them again. This is a great solution for seasonal items such as clothes or sports equipment. We’re happy to help you find the right unit for your needs at one of our four Dublin locations.

You’ve done it! We know that cleaning your closet is a major undertaking so give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your newly organised wardrobe.