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Summertime is all about enjoying the outdoors, but why limit your enjoyment of this beautiful season to just a few months a year? With a few simple decorating tips, you can bring the outdoors into your home all year round. From woven baskets to bold wallpaper for a temporary change, we’ve got the summer decor tips to help you enjoy the comfort of your own home and the beauty of nature year-round!   

Add natural elements 

Materials such as wood, stone, and glass are all great options for adding a natural element to your space, but you don’t need to renovate to add it. Consider items like small glass statues, wooden kitchen bowls and stone-coloured decor instead. You can also use woven baskets and rugs to add texture and interest to any room in your home.  

Choose earthy tones 

The colours we choose to use in our homes have a massive impact on the overall feel and ambience. Shades of blue, green, and earth tones are perfect to create an outdoor-inspired space, culminating in a calming and relaxing environment.  

Or go bold 

If you prefer a bright and vibrant space, don’t be afraid to play with bold colours instead of an earthy colour palette. Bold peel-and-stick wallpaper, throw blankets, scatter cushions and bright patterned dinner sets are all excellent ways to add a touch of summer fun into your decor. 

Scents of summer 

From citrus to floral, there are a variety of scents that can transform your home into a blooming summer garden. And the best part is that you don’t have to go far to enjoy them – just head to your nearest store to pick up your favourite summer-scented diffuser oils or candles, and voila! 

Hello greenery 

Bright summer plants are the number one way to bring life and light into any home. From small succulents that require very little maintenance to larger hanging plants or even potted faux trees, no summer-inspired home is complete without a little greenery. 

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