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Having discussed it briefly in a recent blog, we feel a need to further explain an all too common phenomenon. We’re of course referring to Michael McIntyre’s “Man Drawer” routine.

Like Mary Poppins’ bag, this small space seems to contain another dimension by which endless storage is available. For every miscellaneous item you own, one generic space can often be the victim of housing it for a future potential use.

Unfortunately though, space like this is far more often the first place you need to clear, should you decide to declutter. More commonly known as ‘clutter traps’, these areas usually contain nothing more than random rubbish we’re irrationally inclined to throw out or store properly.

We all have one, whether a drawer, shelf or cubby hole. Even a garden shed can have man drawer characteristics when not organised properly! This clutter and lack of planning is virtually always counter intuitive. When it comes to actually finding what you want; you’re left pulling your hair out.

Stop the man drawer storage!

The only way to get over this frustrating storage system is extreme decluttering! Believe it or not, but that broken remote control from your old TV can probably see a bin. Identify all the clutter traps in your home, and clear as much as you can.

Now we understand that you can’t throw everything out, and that’s totally fine. There’s often stuff you want to hang out to, but don’t have the space for. However when you get rid of all the clutter, it’s a much easier challenge to face.

Decide what you use regularly and find a place for it in the house. Otherwise check out some storage options for what you want to keep safe, but is causing clutter. Man drawer type organising is the biggest reason that you have a cluttered home. Get rid of what you don’t need and check out some of our excellent storage options for what’s important.