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Many articles will tell you how to vacation in style. But what about that period of adjustment when you have just returned from holiday? Suddenly, you are no longer drinking cocktails on the riviera. Instead, you have to face workdays and family demands and house messes. Sounds discouraging? Don’t worry – we have five ways you can make the return home easy and fun!

1. Keep up the activity levels

One thing we don’t do on holiday is spend all day sitting down in a stuffy office. Whether exploring a new city, hiking, swimming, or horse-riding, holidays bring an exciting new level of activity that stimulates us and increases our well-being. Exercise is good for body and mind, so make sure that you’re still getting enough once you return. Take long walks around your town, sign up for that gym membership (or use the one you already have) – it doesn’t have to be boring if you’ve got a great summer playlist, which will bring back all your vacation memories while you work out!

2. Change up your routine

Getting back from a vacation is a great time to learn new ways to appreciate your surroundings in a new way. If you take another route to work than usual, you can enjoy new views and impressions. If you get up a little early, you may have time to stop by a cafe and enjoy a coffee and pastry, just like you did on your trip abroad. And just like on vacation, you can people-watch and notice fun little details and snippets of conversation from the locals.

3. Energize your home

You can look at your home with new eyes after you’ve been away for a while. The things you didn’t notice before, suddenly stand out more than ever. That means it’s the perfect time to clean out worn-out clothes and furniture and replace them with funky new decorations and functional items. An updated look can make you feel revitalized in your own home and breaks the routine in just the right way.

Learn new recipes

Who says you can’t keep having delicious paella when you’re back home? Sure, it’s not the same cooking it yourself, as having it served to you on a sunny day at a boardwalk cafe. But cooking yourself is fun, and much cheaper! Most popular recipes are not that difficult to master, and you’ll feel proud of your artistry in the kitchen when you concoct a perfect new dish for the whole family.

Go to the beach

Ireland has a beautiful coastline with many hidden gems along the way. Spend a beautiful weekend day hiking in Howth, or taking a dip in the crystal clear waters of Killiney. Visit the many museums along the way, or take a breezy coastal bike ride. It’ll be like you never left – in fact, you may be tempted to spend your next time off work on a stay-cation.