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As we grow comfortable in our homes, many of us start to take the space we have for granted. One of the biggest clutter traps most houses are guilty of having, is the garage or guest room. Because we don’t have a daily use for it, it’s often a forgotten gem of space that’s instead, stacked full of junk. Consider your spare room storage habits, and ask yourself – could you making more of the dead space in your home?

We’ve already discussed how mess causes stress, but failing to utilise all your space is just as problematic. If you’re not the creative type, here’s some great ideas to enjoy every inch of your house.

Man Cave/Femme Den

Remember back in the day, there was a “good room” exclusive to parents and esteemed guests? Well a man cave or femme den is the modern equivalent.

If you want some space away from the kids, pets or even better half; convert the garage or spare room into an adult only area. You wouldn’t believe what tranquillity even just a television and couch can bring, away from all the madness.

Create a space to put your feet up, have a drink, and watch the football or soaps. Maybe even a pool table or a minibar!

You can push the envelope as far as you want with it, but it’s a much better way to use space then just storing junk.

Home Office

If you’re more of the productive type, a home office may suit more than the last option. Home offices are a fantastic asset to any home. Have a designated area for homework, study, and all the important things Mom and Dad need to manage.

Nobody wants to do admin in a busy kitchen, so give yourself a quiet, pleasant place to get all your work finished. For the small business owner, this is an invaluable place to be productive.

To find out how to create the perfect home office, check out this article from The New York Times.


Want to be healthier, but you can’t get a spare minute? A home gym might just be the perfect solution! You don’t need to spend crazy money either, but a few dumbbells and exercise ball can go a long way.

With YouTube, there’s an endless amount of quick and easy workouts you can do, as long as you have the space for it. Forget the personal trainer, gym memberships and time you don’t have to spare – you can get fit and feel better all by using your extra space properly.

Even use the space for a hobby like painting or playing music. Just don’t waste it with stacked boxes.

Play Room

If you’re happy with the space you have for your needs, why not treat the kids? This is a particularly good option for containing clutter.

Rather than scattered toys across the house, condense it all into a one room and keep the house clean. It gives the kids their own space to go mad, and you can keep take your house back.

It’s a relatively cheap route to take too. A quick coat of colourful paint, move the toy box, and it’s basically job done! You can turn a garage into a kids ultimate playground over a weekend with some elbow grease and ingenuity.

Guest Rooms

In so many cases, the spare room can be the space we chuck everything into. But guess what? You can actually use what it was meant for! Whether planning to grow the family in the coming years, or just in need of a place to house extended family – a guest bedroom is an excellent addition to any home.

Cousin home for Christmas? No problem. Kids want to have a sleepover? Easy! De-clutter and enjoy having a dynamic space that can house guests as you need. Put a desk in too, and you have an great study or work area without a full home office.

Spare Room Storage: Stop Wasting Space!

So there is one challenge we haven’t addressed of course. And that is, what do you do with all the stuff that was clogging up your spare room or garage? Take these two easy steps, and you can finally maximise your space.

Firstly, de-clutter! Our houses are filling up with junk we don’t need or have little use for on a daily basis. Cherish memories and keep what’s important, but don’t fill up your house with anything unnecessary.

Routinely audit rooms and get rid of anything you don’t need. You can sell online or bin it, just don’t allow it to add to mess anymore. With this alone, you’ll find yourself with much more room, in a much more habitable environment.

And for whatever you can’t get rid of, why not consider storage. At Nesta, we offer a diverse range of storing services where you can keep what’s important in a safe place, without it clogging up your home.

Check us out and get in touch if you’d like to see what options might suit your needs. It’s our goal to help you make room for life, so get started now and maximise the space you live in!