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Would you like to give your home or apartment a new look and freshen things up without having to spend a large amount of time or money on renovations? Nesta has you covered!  Here are 3 simple DIY project ideas, ranging from a few hours to a few weekends, that can really upgrade your space and provide you with a little more room to live by incorporating some clever and creative solutions.  

Revamp old boxes and crates

Get creative with your storage solutions and consider revamping unused or discarded boxes and crates. Grab some acrylic paints, brushes and whatever other decorations you can find (such as ribbons, stickers, or glitter if you’re feeling some extra sparkle!) and let your imagination run wild! Smaller boxes can be great for storing skincare and make-up products, while larger crates work great as toy-boxes for children’s bedrooms. You could also get the kids involved on this one and get them to design and paint their own boxes for their rooms- a great weekend activity that will keep them entertained for hours. 

For some creative ideas and inspiration, check out RTÉ 2fm DJ Tara Stewart’s cute ideas for decorating storage boxes.

Turn a non-essential closet into an office space or kid’s play area

Don’t have a full room available in your house to work as an office space? Or maybe you would like to have a dedicated playroom for your kids so that their toys aren’t cluttering up other rooms in the house? Why not consider clearing out a non-essential closet and repurposing it as a home office or play area for the kids? The doors and hinges can be removed and custom shelving and storage and some simple lighting can turn it into a whole new space! While this project might take two or three weekends, it’s a very budget-friendly way to add extra space to your house. Get some great design and decorating ideas and inspiration for converting closet space over on Pinterest.

Still need somewhere to store some of the rarely-used items in your newly cleared-out closet? Consider Nesta’s great range of affordable storage solutions – a hassle-free, straightforward way to manage your clutter. Check our size guide

Design your own mirrors and create the illusion of more space 

Lighter colours and sticking to a neutral colour palette when decorating can really help to make a small room or space feel much more spacious and brighter. Another great trick is to add mirrors to any area of a room that needs more light, as the reflection from the mirrors creates the illusion of more space. Designing your own mirrors can be cost-effective, as well as being a great way to express your creativity and bring a little bit of your personality into your home decoration. This DIY sunburst mirror is a great example of how simple and straightforward design your own mirror can be. 

Sometimes a small change can make a big impact on a space. Why not try these DIY projects for yourself and discover just how easy it is to update your space without having to invest too much time and money on renovations.