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Today, more and more buyers are choosing to search for properties online before visiting an estate agent. This means that if you want your home to sell quickly, and get lots of attention from buyers, you need to get some good quality pictures.

A high-quality photo of your home will get hundreds of views, unlike a dark, fuzzy image. If you are working with an estate agent then they will more than likely take the photos for you. They will know when and how to take the photos that will show off your house in the best light. But if you are selling the house yourself you will need to put in the work necessary to get the best photos. To help you ensure that your home sells quickly and attracts lots of attention, good photography is essential.

Good quality pictures attract more buyers

When house hunting online buyers flick through property listing after listing. Most buyers tend only to click on properties that have good quality, eye-catching photos. That’s why, when there are hundreds of properties to choose from, it’s important that your photos stand out.

If you don’t have a high megapixel camera, it may be a good idea to invest in one. While most smartphones these days come with a good camera it does not compare to a proper digital camera. You will not be able to achieve the professional quality photos that you are looking for by using your smartphone.

Stage your home

Just like you would do before a house viewing, before a photoshoot of your home, you need to stage it. This basically means that you need to do everything that you can to make your property resemble one of those ‘dream’ homes’ you see on the television. Think minimalist rooms, no clutter and stylish design features.

The photos of your property need to be good enough to make buyers want to come and visit your property in person. The way to do this is by ensuring that the images you capture shows each room from its best angle.

Lifestyle shots will add to the overall affect of the photos. They will capture what it is really like to live in the house and will have a greater impact than ordinary photos. Simple touches like setting the dining room table and having a vase of flowers on the hall table are easy to do and will really help sell your home fast.

Ask a friend for help

Often, when we have lived somewhere for years, we have adjusted to the flaws. Set your home up ready to take your pictures and invite a friend around to make suggestions. Ask her to be critical of your home, as if she were looking at it as a potential buyer.

Sometimes all it takes to make your home look a little more appealing are a few simple updates. Things like switching the towels in your bathroom and removing the rug in your lounge. However, as you have adjusted to your home, the chances are that you won’t notice these small issues. Whereas, a fresh pair of eyes will be able to pick up on any small problems that you may not have noticed.

Interior Photos

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when taking property photos is making them too dark. The problem is that many homeowners think that the best time to take pictures is when the sun is brightly shining, but this light can be too harsh. When a camera sees sunlight, it adjusts the picture to make up for the bright light and this automatic change often leaves the rest of the room looking too dark.

It is best to take photos when there is soft natural light shining through. Early Morning or Late afternoon can be the best times to get this lighting. Play around with the light in the room; adjust curtains and blinds, use lamps and overheard lighting if needed. Try to avoid using the camera flash as this will add shadows to your photos. If your photos are dark and dim, buyers will presume that the property is dark, which will put them off.

Exterior Photos

It may seem like you want a bright sunny day to take exterior shots but this can cast a lot of shadows over your house resulting in poor dark photos. You need to research the best time of the day to take exterior photos. Avoid taking photos when the sun is directly behind the house, you want the sun to be behind you. The sun throughout the day will change how the house looks and the shadows that are cast on it. One way is to take a number of shots throughout the day and then choose the best one.

Make sure that before photographing the exterior of your home that you remove any clutter. Cut the lawn, trim the hedgerows, plant some flowers – give your yard’s kerb appeal a boost. Have curtains and blinds open and at an even level and move cars out of shot.

When it comes to selling your home, if you want it to sell quickly, good quality photos are crucial. In most cases they are the first thing a potential buyer will see of your house so they are your most valuable selling tool. Take the time to get the photos right and get help if needed. A poor photo can be just as bad as having no photo of your house at all.

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