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Many people wonder when the best time is to sell their house here in Dublin – does the season you sell in really make a difference? The answer is simple; when it comes to selling success, the season you sell in is crucial. This, of course, is only one aspect to consider when selling your home.

You have probably heard all sorts of myths about when the best time of year to sell is. Some people swear that summer is the ultimate time to sell, while others argue that autumn is the season for selling. Every homeowner has a different opinion when it comes to the best time of year to sell.

Some property investors in Ireland argue that when you plan on selling your house doesn’t matter, as what’s important is the property. However, according to CSO statistics, the best time of year to sell is in the spring. Want to know why the spring is the best time of year to put a property on the market? Here’s everything that you need to know:

Why spring?

Statistics show that home put up for sale in spring tend to sell twice as quickly as properties put on the market at other times of the year. While we can’t be sure of the reason that selling in spring tends to yield good results, it’s easy to see why people choose to buy at this time of year.

In the spring, thanks to the weather starting to warm up, our homes look nicer than at other times of the year. The grass is lush and green thanks to the April rains, the flowers are just starting to bloom, and so, properties tend to look more appealing.

Whereas, in the winter, the cold weather knocks our gardens for six, leaving them looking wet and miserable. Plus, with Christmas to think about, most people’s minds are focused on other things. So attempting to sell at this time, probably isn’t the best idea.

During the spring, people don’t have much on, so have more time to property hunt. Whereas, in the summer, most people are busy with family holidays and child care. No one wants to stress about moving house during the summer holidays, so summer is often a bad time to sell.

Does this apply to everywhere?

Yes and no. Thanks to the sunny spring weather and blooming flowers, spring is the perfect selling season. While March to May is the ideal time to sell, it’s important to take into account what’s going on in the local area, make sure to do your homework.

While studies have shown that spring is the best time to sell your home, it’s important to realise that local factors can affect this. When it comes to selling your home while spring is the best time to sell, think about the area you are selling in.

For example, if there is work being done on the road outside your home during spring, this is not a good time to sell. Before putting your home on the market, check to see if there will be any work going on nearby.

Or, for instance, if you live in a tourist area, and April is a busy time, don’t attempt to sell then. As the busyness around the area will most probably put buyers off, as they may presume the area is always that busy.

Obviously, if you can sell your home in spring getting it on the market is important. However, if factors like road work or busyness in the area make your home less appealing, it’s best to hold off. Spring is three months long, so even if you can’t sell at the start of the season, you could sell later on.

How to ensure your home sells in spring

Spring is undoubtedly the best time of the year to sell, so it’s important that your home is sellable by the time March comes around. Even when selling at prime selling time, your home still needs to have that wow factor.

Perfect the curb appeal of your property – the exterior of your home is the first thing buyers will see, so it needs to look good. Go neutral inside – cover over garish paint colours with neutral tones. You might love bright, bold colours, but not everyone does. Create a property that buyers are able to walk around and see the potential, and your home will be snapped up.

There’s no question about it when it comes to selling your home; spring is the best time to put it on the market. There’s just something about the warm spring weather and beautiful blooms that will make your home more appealing to buyers.

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