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Are you looking to get creative about space-saving, or just curious to see what the rest of the world likes to do to make room for life? We have a few fun examples that are bound to get you inspired – until you go travelling and see for yourself! 


We all have a lot to learn from Japan’s creative use of space. High-density cities like Tokyo require great levels of organisation to function well. Luckily, this is something Japan does with finesse. From micro apartments where furniture can be folded away, to capsule hotels with enough space only for a single bed, the Japanese are master inventors of a futuristic space-saving style. 

Woman folding away a bed into the wall of her apartment


It’s no accident that Russian buildings have large balconies, although it is too cold to hang out on them for most of the year. Russians store all sorts of things out on their spacious balcony. Their skis, sleds, and snowboards go here. As does all the delicious food – pots of soups, stews, salads – that won’t fit in the fridge. That way, every Russian is prepared with big meals whenever visitors arrive at their home, as it is impolite not to serve food to a guest. They are also ready take off on an impromptu ski trip as soon as the first snow falls in October. 

View over Moscow sunset and buildings

Venice, Italy 

The city with the narrowest streets in the world (probably), Venice saves a lot of space on roads and parking spaces. This is because of a unique feature of Venice living: everybody gets around by boat! These boats are often parked right outside the owner’s building, tied to a small jetty on the brilliantly turquoise canal. Public transport also happens by boat, aside from the train lines that connect the Venetian islands to the mainland.  Small houses with no parking lots make large parts of Venice look like quaint little fairytale towns.

Boats parked on canal during daytime, Venice

London, the UK 

A big, bustling city where people tend to live in small apartments and have long commutes. It keeps growing as more people arrive from abroad, or a different town in the UK. It is easy to feel a little short on space as one settles in to their London studio. This is why many Londoners choose self-storage to keep their belongings safe, and the city has caught on to that need in a big way. The UK is a world leader in terms of the amount of self-storage units available nationwide.  

Back of woman wearing a fedora looking out over London