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The word “home” can mean very different things to different people. But most will agree that a good home is a place where you feel comfortable, secure, and welcome. This may be difficult to attain during periods of transition. For example, when having to move homes, or relocating to a completely different area, we can feel quite a bit of anxiety due to all the changes taking place.

At times like these, it becomes important to have something else to rely on for the feeling of “home”. There are many ways to get this feeling. Some of us find it in the warmth of those closest to them. For others, there is a particular spot that is always calming and familiar. Ideas that we find in books, music and movies may also serve to provide the comfort we need, when our usual surroundings are shifting around us. Certain items we hold onto for years store memories and have a history attached. This is how our belongings come to gain sentimental value, and connect us to a feeling of comfort and safety.

This same effect is present throughout all areas of our lives. We often choose products and services based on what is most familiar to us. The brands, images, and words we remember from childhood make us excited when we re-encounter them in adult life. We are inclined to seek out spaces that have previously inspired our trust. The value we attach to our possessions means we want them to be safe and secure even when we don’t have an immediate need for them, or when they are stored away. Out of sight does not have to mean out of mind.

We want to keep the memories, but sometimes they are difficult to bring along with us. This is especially true for people who are often on the go. Belongings for these people need to be kept in storage over a long period of time. Their valuables must be kept securely, and be easily accessible whenever needed. It is a great relief knowing that there is a place that will always keep everything safe while we are on the go, whether traveling or relocating. A place where we can always come back to, even though we may be in transit for much of our time.

The storage facility we choose needs to keep possessions safe, in a place that is secure and familiar. A place that is easy to access, at a convenient location. A place that is welcoming, and makes us feel like we can always return home.