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Unless you’re an incredibly organized and relaxed person, you might find yourself scrambling to pack your bags in the last few days before you head off for a vacation. Don’t worry, it’s normal! Everyone experiences it and, despite our many attempts to plan ahead, we might find that we forget essentials or we neglect to bring certain items that we really really need once we land in another country.

Take a deep breath, because in this article, we’ll make sure you’re covered by talking through a couple of important things to bring on vacation.

1. Your luggage

Let’s start with the obvious one. The way you pack depends highly on how you travel. If you’re planning on staying in a hotel for a long time, then a rolling suitcase is fine and practical. It’s easy to transport, you can keep it safe in your hotel and it carries a lot of stuff. Perfect for that long trip!

But if you’re only going for weekend or you’re roughing it in hostels, or switching a lot between locations, then you might want to think about a backpack and duffle bag. These are simple, light and can even fit as carry-on luggage for certain airlines. They are much more practical in places that have rough ground or are poorly paved, and much easier to carry around and store.

2. A second wallet

Unless the country you’re visiting has plenty of international ATMs around, you want to bring some spare cash and keep it safe in a second wallet. Your second wallet should also include a couple of emergency numbers to call just in case you’re lost or if someone finds it. Keep your money separated, so that if you are to lose a wallet, you don’t lose your entire safety net.

3. Something to do

If you’re visiting a country with the intention of just relaxing, then bring some light entertainment for when you want to really chill out but still have some fun. Whether it’s a book, magazines, crossword puzzles, or a tablet with some movies uploaded, it’s never a bad idea to keep something on hand in your own language, especially if there’s going to be a really long flight.

4. Your medication

A first-aid kit with all the basics is a must for traveling. If you need to take pills or supplements, then make sure you bring those along. If you’re going to visit a location with vastly different food and climate, then it’s a good idea to bring basic things like painkillers, something for your stomach and also remember to find out about any medication or vaccines required by the country you’re visiting well in advance.

5. Name tags on your stuff

Let’s face it, we’ve probably all lost something in the past, so wouldn’t it be so much easier if we could just tag all of our stuff with our names? Luckily, luggage often comes with name tags, so remember to fill in the blanks!

6. Adapters

If you’re bringing electronics like a phone, a tablet or a laptop, then don’t forget your adapters if the plugs are different. Buying them at the airport can mean you are wildly overspending, and you definitely don’t want to get them from those overpriced tourist shops. They’re cheaper and higher quality if you get them online or in a reputable electronics store.

Have fun and safe travels!