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As a new business owner, you should take every opportunity to strengthen your product knowledge. Doing so is a vital step to gaining industry exposure. It’s essential to start building a reputation for your business as soon as possible. The faster you carve out a space for yourself in your industry, the sooner you can build a customer base. You can stand out from your competition by showing you have in-depth knowledge of your products. Getting to know your industry and the opportunities it presents will help you to shine.

Getting to Know Your Products

It’s imperative that you know about the products you sell. If you design and manufacture them yourself, perhaps you already know all you need to. But if like many people you sell products manufactured by others then it’s essential you know what you’re selling.
There’s a certain amount of information you’ll get from the manufacturer. But you won’t learn everything unless you’re willing to ask and research. Take the time to become familiar with the things you sell in a number of ways. You might use them yourself, visit a factory or go to trade shows. The more familiar you the more confident you will be when selling your product.

Training in Product Knowledge

It’s not just you who has to know about your products if you have any staff they need to know everything too. A customer is far more likely to trust your brand if your staff are confident in what they are selling. But it’s not just the sales staff that should be able to answer questions about your products; all your employees should be well-informed. This will help you build a reputation as a knowledgeable firm. To make sure everyone is up to speed, you should provide regular training, especially when new products come in.

Start with the basics

  • What is the purpose of your product/ service?
  • What benefit is it to the customer?
  • How can customers obtain the product/ service?
  • Why is your brand the best choice for the product /service?
  • What is the lifespan of your product/service?


If you have excellent product knowledge, you need to find opportunities to show it off. Networking both online and offline is essential. It’s a great way to demonstrate that you’re knowledgeable and trustworthy. Plus, it can help you to build your product knowledge further through talking to others. You should attend industry events such as workshops, trade shows and social media conversations. All of these opportunities will help you gain exposure in your industry. They will give you a chance to show off your superior product knowledge to other businesses and customers too.

Work with Other Brands

You can strengthen product knowledge and gain industry exposure by working with other brands, doing this can help to get your brand and products seen by a wider audience. Find businesses within your industry or a related field that sells products or services complementary to yours. By promoting each other, both brands can gain more exposure and you can both begin to establish yourselves as industry leaders.

Strengthening your product knowledge and gaining industry exposure shows that your brand is one to watch.

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