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Much like dancing or painting, cooking is a skill that does not come naturally to everyone. Truth be told, the ability to dice veggies with ninja-like precision or make mouth-watering dishes without a recipe is an art form. However, if you’re tired of struggling with the most basic kitchen tasks and are ready to explore your culinary side, we’ve got the top kitchen hacks to make you feel like a cooking know-it-all.  

Removing eggshell fragments 

Instead of chasing around a tiny bit of shell with a fork, spoon or your fingers, simply use a larger shell fragment to scoop them up.   

Peeling a kiwi 

Slice the ends off of a ripe kiwi, gently slide a spoon under the skin, and go all the way around, keeping close to the skin without breaking through. Your freshly peeled kiwi will pop right out. 

Organise measuring spoons and cups 

Did you know you can hang up your measuring cups and spoons on the inside of a kitchen cupboard? Simply stick on a low-weight command hook, hang up your cups, and you’re good to go.  

Measuring sticky ingredients 

If you dread measuring sticky ingredients like honey, you’re not alone. Next time, press the back of your measuring spoon into your bowl of dry ingredients to make a mould and pour your sticky liquid straight in.  

Control bubbling pots 

Who knew that you could easily prevent pots from boiling over simply by placing a wooden spoon across the rim? This sounds too good to be true, but it absolutely works. Try it next time you’re boiling a pot of delicious pasta. 

Peeling ginger 

Fresh ginger is amazing, and because the skin is fairly thin, you don’t need a special tool to peel it. Gently scrape a metal spoon down the sides and over the rounded parts, and you’ll have freshly peeled ginger in no time. 

Destemming strawberries 

Insert a straw through the bottom of the strawberry and push it straight up until it comes out the other end, pushing the leaves out. Chocolate covered strawberries, here we come! 

Slicing peppers 

Turn your peppers so the bottom faces up, slice down the ridges on the sides and peel them apart to avoid a mess of seeds. 

Peeling garlic 

Remove the cloves from the bulb and give it a good knock with the flat side of a wide knife – a chef’s knife is perfect for this.

Juicing lemons and limes

If you love fresh lemon and lime juice, pop one into the microwave for 7-10 seconds, then roll it along the counter before cutting and squeezing. Pro tip – use a pair of tongs to squeeze instead of your hands.  


With these easy to use tips, you’ll be dancing around your kitchen sooner than you think. However, if your kitchen is a bit cluttered with bulky appliances you only use on special occasions, make more room with Nesta Storage.  


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