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If you’re hosting a big fancy dinner this Christmas, you may be interested in a few tips on how to keep your kitchen in top form. Irish Home Magazine has recently published an article on making over your kitchen for the Christmas season, and we got inspired to improve our kitchen before we break out all the roasting, cooking, and baking gear.


There’s no time like now to take a look at your kitchen from a guest’s point of view. What kind of vibe is the room sending out? You may find that it is looking a little cold or a little cramped. The solution could be simple – do a cardinal clean and add a few personal touches. Or, it could be that the room needs a new coat of paint in a warmer tone. Perhaps it is the right time to treat yourself to the home improvements needed, as after all this is the season for delight and transformation.


There are great solutions for storing away the extra ingredients and utensils that you may not need to have at hand. After all, you don’t want things to be getting in the way during the busiest prepping season of the year! If you want to add extra shelving to the room, or put things away neatly in boxes on your existing shelves, now is the time to get started. When you’re putting things away, make sure to label everything carefully. You don’t want to be searching frantically for what you need when time is short and the guests have arrived.


Getting creative with shelving is a great idea, as it will show off your best kitchenware to all visitors. Consider adding a kitchen island, open bar cart, or open wall shelving to your kitchen to create a modern look. You can add miniature plants and trinkets to the shelves to impress even more.