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Ready for a home makeover? Or just want to touch up your space with something new? Keep reading for our favourite trends in Irish interior design that are sure to be huge in the new year. These home design pieces are sure to spruce up your home in 2019.

Light Up

light bulb pendant

This trend is sure to be easy to do, easy to shop for and bring a lot of joy and practical use to your home. We are talking about stylish lighting fixtures, which can be used as beautiful accents in every room. Vintage lamps are a big hit in 2019, so all you need to do is look up your nearest antique store for a stylish find. If you are ready for a bigger purchase, look for home design boutiques that sell artisanal lighting fixtures. Check out for more inspiration.

Blue Velvet

cat on velvet armchair

Velvet furniture is back in style in a big way this year. Go bold with a velvet couch, or add texture to the bedroom with a velvet bedspread. You can even reupholster armchairs in the material, preferably in a deep and rich hue like blue or green. If you want to jump on this trend, but can’t commit to any big changes, go for velvet cushions to beautifully accent any space.

Going Green

corgi in tent behind house plants

Deep blue-green hues are both timeless, and very much in style. If you are looking for big changes, paint a wall or door in this colour. Otherwise, you can combine two big trends at once, without spending a fortune. Add houseplants to any room for a lush and organic look, instantly sprucing up your house interior without breaking the bank. Succulents were a major trend in 2018, while this year is more about small leafy trees with fun names, such as the Swiss-cheese plant and the Fiddle-leaf fig.

In the Groove

woman in vintage room

From geometric patterns to bold colours, the 70s are making a comeback in the decorating world. While this does not include certain 70s staples such as avocado green, brown, and salmon hues, which remain outdated, there is still plenty of ways to add a stylish nod to the era. There are several upscale boutiques who have stylish mid-century furniture in their arsenal. For example, check out for inspiration.

Wall Style

 lush blue wallpaper decor

Wallpaper isn’t for everyone, but it is making a big comeback. Bold and natural patterns are sought after, such as contrasting florals or even patterns imitating geodes and beautiful rocks. If you are reluctant to commit to this trend, dip your toes in the water by adding a bold wallpaper to an accent wall in any room.

Travel Inspired

hotel interior

As travel becomes ever more popular, bring the experience back to your home. Hotel chic is bringing in old furnishing favourites such as canopy beds and funky accent wall mirrors. Of course, not everyone happens to be looking around for a trendy new bed. If you happen to like travel, but won’t go for the big splurge, try a beautifully framed photo of an exotic location on your wall for a breath of fresh air.