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It’s no secret that energy consumption skyrockets this time of year! Between the oven running for four hours to cook a mouth-watering roast to boiling your kettle seven times a day for a nice cup of warm tea, energy bills can quickly spiral out of control.  

However, with a few simple tips, you can reduce energy consumption and keep your bills in check. Keep reading and start saving: 

Have a smart thermostat 

A smart thermostat allows you to control the heat in your home. From programming it to turn down while you’re sleeping to setting it to warm up just before you arrive home at the end of a cold day out – assure yourself a low electricity bill by fine-tuning your thermostat. 

Replace 10-year-old boilers 

If your boiler is older than ten years, you should replace it with a more modern one. Modern boilers are much more energy efficient and can bring billing accounts down. You should also ensure your boiler is serviced at least once a year. 

Pro Tip: other times to consider servicing are during summer and when you’re moving. 

Insulate water pipes 

Insulating your water pipes can reduce heat loss, keeping your water hotter for longer – thus reducing the energy needed to heat and reheat the water. You can purchase a foam tube from any hardware store and insulate the pipes yourself. 

Pro Tip: if you can’t properly access the pipes, you should consider calling a professional. 

Turn off appliances 

Most appliances remain on standby mode, secretly eating electricity, so be sure to unplug appliances when they are not being used. Almost all electrical appliances can be turned off at the plugs without interfering with their settings – saving you on large billing amounts later! 

Purchase energy efficient appliances 

When comparing them to similar appliances, these use the least electricity and energy during each use. If you’re willing to spend some money now to replace appliances you already have at home with ones more energy efficient, you could save yourself a whole lot of money – and electricity. 


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