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The festive season is already upon us, and with it comes the rush of last-minute shopping orders. For small online businesses, this is the time of year when rushing is necessary, but picking and packing must still be done perfectly.  

From keeping an eye on deadline dates to ensuring you use quality packaging materials, here are some tips to help you pick and pack like a pro this festive season! 

Plan out your preferred picking and packing system 

For example: 

  • Piece picking: collect the picking slip for a single order, check your shelves and pick the relevant products. Once collected, take them to the packing station and start with the next picking slip. 
  • Batch Picking: sort picking slips according to the items stored in the same or nearby areas, saving you time on the back and forth between shelves and packing stations for single orders. 

Prioritise seasonal products 

Consumers love seasonal products, especially around Christmas. Your seasonal products can be seen as perfect gift ideas for friends and family. Try to push these products by offering discounts or displaying them on packaging as special offers.  

Pro Tip: go the extra mile by including seasonal trinkets with seasonal purchases – such as a small ornament, to help you stand out from the competition.

Stick to deadlines 

To surprise and impress customers, watch your deadlines closely by having a strict schedule. A business can lose its appeal if packages show up after a critical date, like Christmas Day. Send orders out on time to keep customers and your business happy. 

Only use quality packaging materials 

Don’t order any materials because you’re rushing to get the orders out. Further elevate your brand by ensuring you use quality packaging materials. If your packaging looks great sitting underneath a Christmas tree AND it’s eco-friendly, you’re winning! 

Pro Tip: spice-up packaging over the festive season by embossing or completing it with a glossy finish for added effect.


If you need more space to run your online business, even if just for the festive period, Nesta Storage is here to help! We provide flexible lease agreements for our business storage options, allowing you to store with us for as short or as long as you need.